• Living Free in an Anxious World: What Your Doctor and Pastor Want You to Know about Worry

Living Free in an Anxious World: What Your Doctor and Pastor Want You to Know about Worry

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by R. Lanny Hunter & Victor L. Hunter

Dr. R. Lanny Hunter and Pastor Victor L. Hunter offer a thoughtful and practical guide to understanding anxiety through the eyes of both medicine and faith, so that all of us who struggle with these issues can choose life over worry.

What is anxiety? Why do our bodies and spirits respond to stress by growing unsettled, even sick? When is worry a good thing, and how can we use it more constructively? In Living Free in an Anxious World, Dr. R. Lanny Hunter and Pastor Victor L. Hunter draw on their respective professions as physician and minister, as well as their academic expertise in science and theology, to offer a holistic approach to addressing worry and anxiety.

Throughout, the authors offer insights, education, and encouragement to readers facing the dangers and challenges of being human, believing that the road of freedom through the landscape of anxiety opens only to those who find the courage in an anxious age to seize the moment, take the initial steps, say "Thank God," and keep putting one foot in front of the other.

R. Lanny Hunter studied psychiatry prior to specializing in dermatology for thirty-five years and has devoted much of his own time to researching the medical dimensions of mental health in an effort to better serve hurting people around him. He has served on boards of directors and in advisory roles for many organizations, including United Way, the Health Advisory Committee of Northern Arizona University, and the Flagstaff Hospice Program.

Victor L. Hunter earned his master of divinity at Union Theological Seminary, specializing in religion and psychiatry, and his doctor of ministry at Phillips Graduate Seminary. He has served as the dean of the Theological Education Institute in Denver, CO, and has taught at Phillips Theological Seminary as adjunct faculty since 1996. He recently retired from working at Evergreen Christian Church in Evergreen, CO, where he had been the pastor since 1985.

"In this book, the Hunters explore worry from the biological through the psychological, delving into the philosophical, literary, and spiritual dimensions of anxiety, and reaching from the personal to the cosmic implications of this human experience. The heart of this book is its practicality—the goal is not to avoid worry, but to do so constructively. Readers will find new benefits in visiting these pages over and over again."

- Clarence Hibbs, Ph.D.
professor emeritus in Psychology
Pepperdine University
Malibu, California

"In this book, you will find guidance from a wise pastor and a humane doctor about how worrying rightly can free your life to pursue joyfully your deepest calling and most cherished relationships."

- Larry Kent Graham, Ph. D.
professor of pastoral theology and care
Iliff School of Theology
Denver, CO

"The Hunter brothers, Pastor Vic and Doctor Lanny, have performed an astonishing feat. They have been able to take the wisdom of the great thinkers in medicine, psychiatry, theology, and philosophy, extracting the most insightful and helpful truths as they combined them with the truths of Scripture.
As I read their words, I saw my life of books, my past fifty years of reading, flash before me. These two professional healers have crafted this unique book by putting the essence of complex medical and theological subjects into simple words and illustrations from the lives they have touched and served. Funneling their wide reading through their accumulated life experiences, they bring much wisdom to bear.
Using the best of literary sources and examples from popular culture, the authors have given their readers the freedom and tools to help them walk away from the destructive effects of worry and perpetual anxiety. The brothers model with clarity, caring, and patience a path that shows us how, through grace and with help from one's human community, a person can exchange crippling anxiety for a joyful life of freedom."

- J. Donald Thomas, M.D.
clinical professor at the Keck School of Medicine, University of California and
professor of psychology at the School of Psychology, Fuller Theological Seminary

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Pages: 160

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