• Little Faith, Big God: Grace to Grow When Your Faith Feels Small

Little Faith, Big God: Grace to Grow When Your Faith Feels Small

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By Debbie W. Wilson

God isn’t looking for heroes of faith.

A thriving relationship with God is not built on our perfect performance but on our trust in a gracious Savior. Hebrews 11 reveals one superhero—Jesus. Our God delights in flawed followers who trust him in the daily aspects of their lives. He designed spiritual growth to be an ongoing journey of faith and delights in who you are becoming.

By exploring the lives of the people mentioned in Hebrews 11, Little Faith, Big God will inspire you to persevere in your faith through the examples of biblical men and women who failed, got up again, finished well, and were commended by God. With biblical principles to separate false hope from real faith, present-day stories to encourage you, and guiding questions to invite personal reflection, application, and discussion, Little Faith, Big God will equip you to trade your self-made superhero cape for a dynamic, grace-filled relationship with our big God.

Debbie W. Wilson helps people discover relevant faith, drawing from her personal walk with Christ, twenty-four years as a Christian counselor, and decades as a Bible teacher. Debbie is an Advanced Writers and Speakers Association-certified speaking and writing coach and the author of Little Women, Big God and Give Yourself a Break. In 1991, she and her husband founded Lighthouse Ministries, a Christian counseling and coaching ministry. For her, a good mystery, dark chocolate, and a laugh with her two poodles make a great day. Connect with her blog at debbiewwilson.com.

“Life is hard and at times, faith can be even harder. Yet, of all God’s creations, we are the only ones called to live by faith. In Little Faith, Big God, Debbie helps reshape our perspective of the spiritual giants that have gone before us. She reminds us that while some stumbled under the weight of their trials, it didn’t ruin their relationship with God, but actually helped to refine it! In this new study, Debbie takes us on a wonderful journey through the Bible and reminds us that ‘impossible problems are no problem for a big God.’”

Amy Richissin, development officer, Turning Point Counseling

“In her delightful work Little Faith, Big God, Debbie Wilson shares how God powerfully used imperfect people from biblical times to achieve his extraordinary plans and purposes! Each story contains nuggets of biblical truth, humor, and encouragement to help us on our faith journey. I highly recommend Little Faith, Big God for both individuals and families.”

Josh McDowell, Christian apologist and best-selling author of Evidence That Demands a Verdict

“It's difficult to remember the biblical saints were often originally no more saintly than you or I. God accomplished his will using real people with real struggles, and fortunately, perfect performance was not required. Nor is it for you and me. Debbie Wilson’s book, Little Faith, Big God, explores God’s Word through interactive reflections and exercises that will encourage easy application and deepen your walk with Christ.”

Deb DeArmond, writing coach and award-winning author of Bumper Sticker Be-Attitudes

Little Faith, Big God looks creatively at the age-old faith stories found in Hebrews 11. The insights are fresh and the daily questions helped me to discover both a deeper understanding of Scripture and the true condition of my own heart. The exercise of digging deep into these truths and learning to apply them will make this a faith-changing book for long time Jesus followers and those new to the journey.”

Elizabeth Murphy, speaker and author of A Roller Coaster, A Roundabout, and a Road Trip

“With compassion, depth, and a solid biblical foundation, Debbie Wilson takes the readers through the lives of the heroes of the faith in Hebrews 11. With wisdom and tenderness, she emphasizes obedience and surrender to God’s will to fulfill our purpose on earth. Wilson’s personal stories and application questions help to draw readers into a desire to begin or strengthen their personal relationships with God. I highly recommend this book.”

Yvonne Ortega, licensed professional counselor and author of the Moving from Broken to Beautiful series

“Faith is a slippery subject for many until they have walked the path of life and find it, which some never do. Debbie Wilson’s book helps those who are searching for answers about faith. She uses Scripture, history, examples, illustrations, personal testimonies, and reflections to help focus on faith—a great teaching tool. Little Faith, Big God is a must read because ‘without faith, it is impossible to please God.’”

Donald A. Woeltjen, South Georgia Conference of the United Methodist Church

“What I truly valued about this book is that it makes the Gospel seem so simple. And isn’t that exactly what God would want for us? As Christians, we have developed ways to create an incredibly complicated message of faith, and yet, it’s not! Little Faith, Big God provides a way for us to take God at his word, with concrete ways to do that. This is ideal for small group studies.”

Shari Braendel, author of Help Me Jesus, I Have Nothing to Wear!

“Have you ever worried that God is displeased with your lack of faith? Feared that you have fallen short in your walk with him? Debbie Wilson answers those kinds of faith-issue questions and more in Little Faith, Big God. This thought-provoking, informative, and entertaining study will bring you deeper into your relationship with God. You will never think about faith in the same way again!”

Julie Zine Coleman, managing editor for Arise Daily and author of Unexpected Love

“Debbie’s at her best as she helps us relate to the examples of faith showcased in Hebrews 11. God turned their flaws—like he can do to ours—into their strengths.  Little Faith, Big God reminds us that we're all in process, yet by his grace, our inadequacies can become our strong suits. Want to draw your sense of self-worth and significance from God instead of your performance? Then Little Faith, Big God is a must-read.”

Lisa T. Grimes, speaker and coauthor of Remember Who You Are

“We live in very confusing times. Christians are increasingly on the defensive, and our hearts cry out to the Lord when politics and culture clash with our faith. Little Faith, Big God contains a wealth of Scripture and encouragement in daily devotions, which are wonderful reminders that our mighty God can be totally trusted with our lives and with our worship.”

Diane Passno, former senior vice president of Focus on the Family

Little Faith, Big God is so much more than a devotional or Bible study! Debbie invites the reader to travel with her through Scripture as she surveys the faith journeys of some significant men and women. Her probing questions and the myriad of real-life stories she shares brings faith to life and makes it relatable to everyone.”
Craig Phelps, lead pastor at Gorman Baptist Church, Durham, North Carolina

“In Little Faith, Big God, Debbie has a rare ability to bring to life people of old in a way that is relevant to today. You’ll be inspired to apply life lessons from these very real people who made a forever impact in their generation and beyond. This study will deepen your love and appreciation for Jesus and will help grow your faith in our very big God!”

Tara Furman, founder and president of Knowing God Ministries

“As I read Little Faith Big God, I realized this is every person's story. We are weak and he is strong. Our faith is little, but God is big. This story brings rest to your soul and peace to your heart. This journey is not about perfect performance but trusting a big God who loves all people—even those of us with little faith.”

Monica Schmelter, host of Bridges on Christian Television Network

“Debbie Wilson walks us through the personal struggles in Abraham, Jacob, Enoch, and many others stories, re-energizing our trust in God through emphasizing how their lives worked out for good. Even though we do not know the end of our story, we can trust God’s grace is in the details of our lives and he never gives up. Little Faith, Big God is a must read that continues to linger in your mind, heart, and soul.”

Annetta Dellinger, author of Joy-spirations for Caregivers and Blessings and Prayers for Those with Cancer

“We live by faith and not by sight. But what exactly does that mean? And how do we do that? Debbie offers clear steps to not only grow our faith, but to have the vibrant life God intended full of grace. My heart was blessed by Little Faith, Big God, and I trust yours will be too.”

Diane Rumley, cofounder and executive director of Support Military Families

ISBN 9781684264308

Pages 240

Dimensions (inches) 5.5 x 8.25

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