• Listen and Make Room: Joining God in Welcoming Children

Listen and Make Room: Joining God in Welcoming Children

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By Harold Shank

Listen for the cries of the vulnerable and welcome the children for whom Jesus made room.

When Jesus made room, the vulnerable came for prayer. He treated their ills. He fixed what was broken. Jesus gave sight to the blind, made the lame walk, and welcomed the little children, creating space for those who had been excluded. Then he listened to those who often had no voice. Today, those people are often children.

Finding places for those who are left out, especially children, is the work of discipleship. We rarely listen to those who have small voices in our world. Instead, we fill up all the space ourselves, leaving no room for those who have little ability to acquire a spot. But Listen and Make Room shows us that to follow Jesus’s example means to understand that the vulnerable are at the core of God’s mission.

Harold Shank has spent over fifty years in ministry and leadership across the country. In his role as national spokesperson for Network 1:27, Harold speaks and writes to promote Christian child care, raising awareness among churches and Christians nationwide. He has served as president of Ohio Valley University in Vienna, West Virginia; as a professor at Harding School of Theology and at Oklahoma Christian University; and as a leader in church planting and ministries among the poor at the Highland Street Church of Christ in Memphis, TN. Harold and his wife, Sally, have two adult sons and four grandchildren.

“This is a must read to reawaken our hearts for the little ones in society who are ignored and unheard. There is no room for them. Convicting and compelling, Shank reminds us of Jesus’s deep compassion for society’s marginalized.” —Lynn McMillon, Distinguished Professor of Bible, Oklahoma Christian University, and licensed marriage and family therapist

“Harold Shank writes from the front lines, answering our hopelessness as we face this world’s needs. The good news Harold shares in Listen and Make Room speaks to my everyday frustration of not knowing what to do and if what I do will even last. This is a book that offers real hope.” —Emily Y. Lemley, editor of Power for Today

“The way of Jesus seems upside down in our broken world. Listening to and making room for the vulnerable is not the way to get ahead in this life. But Shank demonstrates that this upside-down way of living is, in fact, exactly what this world needs. It is at the heart of the Gospel, and central to the mission of Jesus.” —Dr. Kent Brantly, Ebola survivor and coauthor of Called for Life

“In Listen and Make Room, Dr. Harold Shank brings Scripture to life with poignant, culturally relevant examples. His words will inspire you to change lives, change eternities, and be a servant like Jesus.” —Sherri Statler, President of Christian Homes and Family Services

“These extraordinary messages from Harold are shaped by years of his being close to God’s heart for the under heard, underserved, and underrepresented. You will hear God’s voice as you read this important book.” —David Jordan, President and CEO of Agape Child and Family Services in Memphis, Tennessee

“Shank’s decades as a minister of the Word shine as he moves easily through texts, weaving a full-bodied understanding of the God who cherishes children, draws them to him, and works on their behalf. Shank’s poignant stories remind us that listening and making room for children is God’s heart.” —Holly Catterton Allen, Professor of Family Studies and Christian Ministries, Lipscomb University

“Harold asks the question, “Do you hear what the children are saying?” It is a question that calls for us to respond like Jesus did. This book is both pastoral and prophetic in tone, with a strong call to action. Listen and Make Room is a special book that will rekindle your love for the children in your neighborhoods and living rooms.” —Scott D. Lambert, Executive Director of Let’s Start Talking

“In his speaking for Network 1:27, Harold’s messages consistently focus on our compassion and purpose with children. I am always encouraged and reinvigorated to go and do more for those entrusted to our care. The messages in Listen and Make Room are a call to action for each of us as we seek to help the vulnerable in our communities.” —Nathan Samuel, President and CEO of Childplace, Inc.

“Harold Shank has been a voice for mercy and justice among Churches of Christ for many years. This book continues that message. It will fill your soul, touch your heart, and on occasion provoke your spirit.” —Steve Cloer, preaching minister at Southside Church of Christ, Fort Worth, Texas

“Each chapter of Listen and Make Room is deeply rooted in Scripture and filled with invaluable insight, restoration, and hope. This book will bless anyone who loves children, anyone who cares about a broken world, anyone in search of God’s solutions to life’s most difficult problems, anyone who needs their hope restored.” —Ken Durham, Baxter Chair of Preaching in the College of Bible and Ministry, Lipscomb University

“Any time I read or hear something from Harold regarding ministry to children and families, I know it will be an encouraging reminder of why God has called us to this work and of how important caring for orphaned children is to the work of the kingdom!” —Chandler Means, Executive Director of AGAPE of Nashville, Tennessee

“Christians, churches, and organizations seeking to make significant differences in the lives of the people in their communities need to read Listen and Make Room. It is breathtaking in its breadth, depth, and its clarion call to attend to the plight of one of the most vulnerable populations in our world. This is a book that can help the kingdom come to earth as it is in heaven.” —Chris Altrock, senior preaching minister at Highland Church of Christ in Memphis, Tennessee, and author of Behind Esther

“Gripping! Dr. Harold Shank has written another page-turner that shakes you to the core and stirs your compassion. Shank poignantly helps you see that when you listen to what the helpless children are saying, you hear the heartbeat of God. No book has inspired me more than Listen and Make Room.” —James E. Moore, President of Mount Dora Children’s Home, Mount Dora, Florida

“Harold’s dynamic storytelling draws together the Word and the readers’ thoughts and emotions in a way that inspires mindfulness toward the weak and vulnerable, especially children. He challenges you to see the value of children through the eyes of our Lord.” —Randy Schow, Executive Director of Mountain States Children’s Home

ISBN 9781684263608

Pages 256

Dimensions (inches) 5.5 x 8.25

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