• Life's Too Short to Miss the Big Picture for Women: Making the Most of What's Most Important

Life's Too Short to Miss the Big Picture for Women: Making the Most of What's Most Important

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by Kathy Chapman Sharp

With a commonsensical mix of passion, honesty, and insight, Life's too Short to Miss the Big Picture for Women is a refreshingly straightforward take on living a life that matters. A raconteur at heart, Kathy Chapman Sharp's stories of faith and spirituality stir readers to embrace life with abandonment, taking hold of an uncommon faith that brings the freedom to be exactly who God created us to be, not who people think we should be.

Convinced that everyone has a story to tell and a flashlight to shine on their corner of darkness in the world, Kathy Chapman Sharp speaks frankly and authentically about the messiest parts of living, showing us that it's never too late to learn a lesson and live a life that makes more sense. Her personal stories and insights invite you to examine your life and to dream about living it better.

Not one to play it safe, Kathy encourages us not only to take a risk but also to embrace it with all the strength we possess. Seize opportunities. Know your strengths. And don't cave in to uncertainty. Instead, run hard after God and trust his purpose for your life. With such an approach, even the most ordinary days can bring surprising moments of clarity and hope when we see the world through God's eyes and anticipate what he has for us just ahead!

Kathy has written the book she wishes someone had given her when she thought she knew it all but really didn't. We seldom think about how short life is. Sometimes we don't figure out that we should be living as if there's no tomorrow until it's too late. That kind of thinking may just push us to living on the edge, but that's okay. According to Kathy Chapman Sharp, if you're not living on the edge, you're taking up too much space anyway.

Kathy Chapman Sharp: From her early days as a rookie missionary and church staffer, to becoming part of some of the most innovative strategies to date in church, publishing, and mission history, God has used people, circumstances, and his presence to teach Kathy what's really important in life. Formerly the director of communications for Saddleback Church and Purpose Driven Ministries in Southern California, Chapman Sharp most recently served on the executive staff of The Chapel, located in the northern suburbs of Chicago. She has also held management positions at LifeWay Christian Resources and the International Mission Board. Known for keeping the main thing The Main Thing, she is a popular speaker and conference leader. She has published more than seventy-five articles in several languages.

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Pages: 224

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