• Life's Too Short to Miss the Big Picture: Making the Most of What's Most Important

Life's Too Short to Miss the Big Picture: Making the Most of What's Most Important

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by Steve Diggs

With fresh insight and wise instruction, life and financial expert Steve Diggs helps people push aside the daily stresses and worries and keep focused on the big picture items that make for a truly fulfilling life.

We frequently don't see or feel it—but we sense a profound change in the air. Our culture is shifting. What used to be common sense is not so common anymore. What once was predictable is now the exception. What many of us thought were the rocks has become the shifting sand.

In Life's Too Short to Miss the Big Picture, prominent author Steve Diggs delivers one of the most important books of the year through a series of short, unique "Life Notes." You will appreciate how each of these concise and provocative chapters makes a powerful point. Most important, you will find each one to be profoundly challenging. Every "Life Note" delivers a single thought-provoking take-away that will make this day of your life count for more.

You will find Steve's humorous, confessional optimism to be contagious. He will help you realize that life ahead looks good. You will learn how to awake with a smile and drift to sleep with a contented heart.

Steve Diggs is a motivational speaker, television and radio spokesman, life skills coach and trainer, teaching from a Christian perspective. For over twenty years, Diggs has distinguished himself as a financial coach. He has taught college marketing and business and worked as a visiting lecturer in universities throughout the U.S., as well as in Russia and Poland. He is the author of six books and hundreds of articles, and he is also a popular TV and radio interview guest. Frequently quoted by major media outlets, he is a writer and contributes regularly to major Web sites including Crosswalk, SmartMoney, and CBN. Today, Steve lives with his best friend and wife, Bonnie, in Brentwood, Tennessee. To learn more about Steve's ministry, you can visit www.nodebtnosweat.com or www.SteveDiggs.com.

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Pages: 224

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