• Life Work: Confessions of an Everyday Disciple

Life Work: Confessions of an Everyday Disciple

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by Randy Harris

What does minimal human ethics look like? Can Christians really be followers of Jesus in the way they live today? In his own unique style, Randy Harris wrestles with these and other ethical issues facing Christians and all humanity.

In a world gone crazy, what would basic human decency look like? Are there principles that all humans could follow to make their neighborhoods, countries, and world more just and peaceful? Randy Harris, from his long experience as a teacher of philosophy and ethics, calls us to those principles of fair play, justice, and peace.

But Christians are called to an even higher standard. As a follower of Jesus, Randy, sometimes humorously, always pointedly, focuses on the call of Jesus for a higher righteousness. He places Christian behavior in the context of the philosophical and cultural contexts of our day, making profound concepts accessible to all his readers.

This book offers down-to-earth wisdom from a lifetime follower of Jesus. Out of his own practice of the spiritual disciplines, his presentations before hundreds of churches and university audiences, and his deep love for his students, Randy draws us into the circle of love for God and for our neighbors.

Randy Harris is a popular speaker at conferences, churches, and college campuses across the United States and around the world. He is a professor of theology and ethics at Abilene Christian University in Abilene, Texas, and has received numerous awards for his classroom work. He holds degrees from Harding School of Theology and Syracuse University, and is the author of God Work: Confessions of a Stand-up Theologian (2009), Soul Work: Confessions of a Part-Time Monk (2011), and other books.

ISBN: 9780891124597

Pages: 160

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