• Leaning Into God's Embrace

Leaning Into God's Embrace

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By Jackie L. Halstead 


Discover a Life Beyond the Noise

We live frantic, busy lives that distract us from seeing and
hearing God. With more than thirty years of ministry experience,
Halstead will show you how to center your life on God through
the practice of contemplative prayer. For centuries, Christians
have sought to release the reins of control and to enjoy a more
vulnerable, intimate life with God. They have adopted new
postures in prayer to become more receptive to God’s agenda
and leading. They have learned best practices for yielding their
minds and hearts to God and new ways to allow Scripture to
speak into their lives. This deep, rich relationship with God
through prayer is available to all who seek God.

Leaning into God’s Embrace is a guide for those who are
beginners with contemplative prayer. Halstead offers an
insightful collection of prayer forms to center your mind in a
posture of listening. She also includes easy-to-use templates that
leaders can use with groups seeking to explore these new ways
of being with God. Her variety of prayer forms allows readers to
discover how they can lean into God’s loving embrace.

JACKIE L. HALSTEAD, PhD, is the CEO of Selah Center for Spiritual
Formation and is an associate professor of marriage and family
therapy. For twenty-five years, she has been speaking nationally and
internationally on contemplative prayer. Halstead completed two
programs with Shalem Institute for Spiritual Formation, and she serves
as both a spiritual director and a trainer for spiritual directors. As a
marriage and family therapist, Halstead specializes in working with
ministers, missionaries, and their families. She has been married to her
husband, Randy, for forty years, and they have two daughters, Erin
and Ashley. Connect with Jackie at www.selahspiritual.com.

“From the origin of Christianity, Halstead reminds us that disciples have consistently leaned into God’s embrace through contemplative practices. Certainly, traditional practices of prayer remain beneficial in expressing our concerns and anxieties, hopes and dreams, blessings and regrets. This transformative book, however, leads us into stillness and silence, centering our hearts on the presence of God and ushering us into awareness of the work of the Spirit in our lives.”

—David W. Wray, associate dean of Spiritual Formation, cocurriculum emeritus, and codirector of ACU Summit, Abilene Christian University

“There are few people I know who’ve spent as much time contemplating the role of intentional prayer than Jackie Halstead. This book is the fruit of much thinking, doing, and being. For all who are thirsty to drink from purer water sources, this is an important book.”

—Joshua Graves, preaching and teaching minister, Otter Creek Church, author of The Feast

“In this volume, Jackie Halstead introduces key spiritual guides from past ages, lays out a pathway of basic spiritual formation practices, and unpacks a treasure trove of tools for further research. So if you have just stepped onto the ‘spiritual formation pathway,’ or if you are a seasoned pilgrim at midcourse, or if you are a spiritual guide for others, Leaning into God’s Embrace is the book is for you.”

—Dr. Lynn Anderson, pastor, teacher, and author

“Halstead’s beautiful work provides a deep dive into growing closer to God, trusting God, and loving God. Techniques of embracing, learning, and teaching others how to let scripture and prayer lead are shared; Halstead passionately discusses varied styles of contemporary and ancient contemplative prayer, guiding the reader to inner peace and quiet listening. If God has not opened the eyes of your heart to solitude for important conversations and prayer, these strategies are invaluable.”

—Norma Bond Burgess, associate provost of Diversity, Inclusion, and Special Initiatives, Lipscomb University

“In Leaning into God’s Embrace, Dr. Jackie Halstead meticulously explains spiritual disciplines as tools designed to equip us to engage in what she describes as passive prayer wherein God sets the agenda. She maintains that in the posture of active listening to God, the longing in the heart finds satisfaction in its discovery that the heart’s ultimate longing is to sense its belonging to God. In this historic period of pandemic, extreme anxiety, loss, and death, I find Jackie’s invitation as a welcomed reminder of the refreshing hope we have in God who is our spiritual habitat.”

—Jerry Taylor, founding director of the ACU Carl Spain Center on Race Studies & Spiritual Action

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Pages 192

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