• The Key Place: An Ordinary Place to Meet an Extraordinary God

The Key Place: An Ordinary Place to Meet an Extraordinary God

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by Gene Shelburne

Have you found some nook on this planet where God seems to be especially present for you? A place where he whispers in your ear or tugs at your heart? If you have, then you will enjoy retreating with Gene Shelburne and eavesdropping on his reflections in such a place.

When I bought the tiny house my mother grew up in, I thought I was preparing a retirement home for my aging parents. When a brain tumor robbed me of my mother, that dream died. Little did I know then how much the Lord would bless me as this isolated getaway became the perfect place for me to retreat from my hectic world. During quiet days beside our creek I could read and rest and ponder life, and I found that God whispered to me there in a way he seldom did at home. The truths that surfaced in that special place found their way onto the pages of this book.

Gene Shelburne wears an amazing assortment of hats, serving one hour as columnist, the next as a writer of sermons, and another as a doting grandfather. For forty-six years he has served as pulpit minister of the Anna Street Church of Christ in Amarillo, Texas. His column, Cross Currents, runs in half a dozen newspapers. He edits and publishes a nationally circulated monthly devotional magazine, The Christian Appeal. He has written four previous books and a substantial part of half a dozen others. Having been wed for more than 56 years, Gene and his wife proudly claim a daughter, two sons, and thirteen splendid grandchildren.

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Pages: 192

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