• Jesus, Love, & Tacos: A Spicy Take on Lordship, Community, and Mission

Jesus, Love, & Tacos: A Spicy Take on Lordship, Community, and Mission

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Shake off rote religiosity and tribalism with a spicy bite of God’s truth seasoned with an authentic connection to his love and his people.

“Let me do something for you.”

Carrie Stephens offers these words of hope from the heart of God in Jesus, Love, & Tacos as she uses vibrant metaphors and comi-cal self-deprecation to tell the story of lordship, community, and mission. These three ancient values will offer you help and hope as they shape your spiritual life, define how to gather in unity, and lead you to God’s missional love in action.

In the face of fear, sickness, and increasing polarization, Carrie provides a fresh encounter with the lordship of Jesus to right-size your expectations and transform your view of your life.

By looking at the example of the early church, you’ll find your- self brave enough to swallow your insecurities and forge ahead into the sometimes-painful world of the Church where healing and life happen through God’s faithfulness.

In this world of never-ending suffering and neediness, recon-sider the call to missional living afresh. Living with a mission will reinvigorate your connection to God and others, where you’ll find unexpected meaning and surprising opportunities. When you reach for the plates of truth and grace offered in these pages, you’ll reconnect with a God beyond your comprehension who is intimately involved in the details of your life.

Carrie Stephens lives in the taco-rich city of Austin, Texas, with her husband, Morgan, and their four incredible children. After serving as campus ministers for ten years at the University of Texas, Carrie and Morgan have led Mosaic Church, a richly diverse community of faith, since 2009. Her first nonfiction book, Holy Guacamole, was released in February 2020. You can read more of Carrie's writing at carriestephensauthor.com. 


"Once again, my friend, Carrie Stephens, has mixed her witty writing with deep insights on the church and the power of community. She serves up this fun read at a time when all of us could use a plate of tacos and truth that leave the heart fed and challenged!"

-Lynette Lewis, TEDx speaker, business consultant, author of Climbing the Ladder in Stilettos

"Jesus, Love & Tacos is a vacation read, Bible study, and encouragement to the soul all wrapped into one delicious book of goodness. I loved every moment of reading the main text and could not wait to get to each new footnote. I laughed and held back tears as Carrie, with spirit-filled hope, took some of the hardest topics facing the Church today and graciously showed us how Jesus, Love, & Tacos can fix it!"

- Rosalynn M Smith, Phd, Pastor of Mission & Adult Education at Mosaic Church Austin, and Author of A Prayer for Baby: A 40-Week Pregnancy Daily Devotional

“Like queso oozing off of your nachos, joy and encouragement drip from the pages of this book. I smiled the whole way through it. Carrie Stephens reminds us all that what we really crave comes from Jesus alone. Her authentic words will minister to your heart while tickling your tastebuds." 

-Heather Creekmore, author of Compared to Who? and The Burden of Better, podcast host, and amateur Mexican food critic

"In 'Jesus, Love, & Tacos' Carrie Stephens invites us to a deeper understanding of ourselves and God. Through her vulnerable stories about her life and insights about communing with Jesus, Carrie shows us all that a spirit filled life can be." 

-Shane Blackshear, Author of 'Go and Do: Nine Axioms on Peacemaking & Transformation From the Life of John Perkins'

"Reading Jesus, Love, & Tacos is a bit like eating a mind-blowing taco: It’s so delightful you devour it as fast as you can, laughing aloud between mouthfuls… but when you pause between bites, you realize it has quite a kick. The heat keeps working on you—in the best possible way. If you need an encouraging call back to Jesus, this book is for you. If you’ve been tempted to give up on church, this book is for you. If you’ve longed to reclaim the dream of godly community, this book is for you. Jesus, Love, & Tacos is a feast for the heart—the best kind of soul food."

-Elizabeth Laing Thompson, inspirational speaker and author of All the Feels, All the Feels for Teens, and the When God Says series.

ISBN 9781684260829

Pages 208

Dimensions 5.5 x 8.25

Weight .5 

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