• Identity in Action

Identity in Action

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By Perry L. Glanzer 

Created to Become . . . Guided by God

Colleges today are filled with talk about identity and identity
politics. But Glanzer shifts the conversation in Identity in Action
by focusing on something one rarely hears anyone mention—the
idea of identity excellence.

In various professions, identity excellence means becoming
an excellent accountant, biologist, social worker, or teacher. But
professors rarely go farther to talk about the identities that
really matter to students.

What does it mean to be

• an excellent friend?
• a good neighbor?
• a steward of one’s body, possessions, or the environment?

And what about social identities? How does Christianity impact

• how I think about race?
• or gender?
• or citizenship?

Identity in Action, empowers readers to be excellent—and
think deeply about the “why” questions of life in a practical,
theologically informed manner. With personal stories and expert
research, Glanzer explains how students can untangle the
confusion and integrate their core identities with excellence.

PERRY L. GLANZER is professor of educational foundations at Baylor University and is a Resident Scholar with Baylor Institute for Studies of Religion. He is the coauthor, author, or editor of eleven books including: Christ-Enlivened Student Affairs and The Outrageous Idea of Christian Teaching. In addition, he has authored or coauthored over seventy-five journal articles and book chapters on topics related to moral education, faith-based higher education, and the relationship between religion and education.

Identity in Action is not an ordinary book for college students. Glanzer shows true respect for the reader because he presses them to embrace and understand ‘Identity Excellence.’ Glanzer has a vision for students to be their very best—to be excellent and no less. Glanzer’s hope is that the reader will gain an intimate relationship with God and believe that God is at work in their lives. I was drawn into Glanzer’s book by the multitude of stories from the present and the past that illustrate the lessons in each chapter. As a student development professional and now president of a Christian higher education association, I enthusiastically recommend this book to students, their parents, and higher education and church professionals.”

—Shirley Hoogstra, JD, President, Council for Christian Colleges and Universities

Identity in Action offers today’s college students a much-needed road map for thinking through all aspects of their identity as beloved children of God. More importantly, the book provides students concrete ways in which their chosen identity can manifest itself in the choices they make and the actions they take. A great resource for Christian students!”

—Laurie A. Schreiner, professor and Chair of the department of Higher Education at Azusa Pacific University and author of Thriving in Transitions

“Emerging adults are hungry for opportunities to explore who they are and whose they are. This book tackles weighty issues both candidly and hopefully—What are my most important identities? What does excellence look like? What does stewardship of time, relationships, finances, and identities even mean? Rooted in Scripture, Glanzer illuminates Christ’s design for the flourishing of both individuals and systems. Readers are compelled to explore their multiple and intersecting identities through the lens of God’s redeeming work—an invitation to thrive.”

—Sarah Visser, Vice President for Student Life, Calvin University

“Glanzer winsomely encourages readers to pursue excellence in their various roles and relationships in life: friend, citizen, enemy, neighbor, family member, lover, student, and more. ‘Being a loving, authentic, and flourishing human necessitates being excellent.’ Flowing out of our core identities given to us by God, God calls us to the adventure of pursuing excellence in all of the various roles and relationships in life. These are timely words that are desperately needed for today’s fractured world.”

—Rick Hove, National Director of Faculty Commons and coauthor of A Grander Story

“In a culture marked by confusion about meaning and purpose, Glanzer’s Identity in Action provides a clear and compelling roadmap to the good life for those entering adulthood. Drawing from both his own experience and from the wisdom of the Christian tradition, Glanzer outlines the principles and practices that make for an abundant life. If we desire to see emerging adults develop priorities and commitments rooted in a Christ-centered identity, we cannot afford to neglect his call.”

—David Setran, author of Spiritual Formation in Emerging Adulthood

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