• I was Under a Heavy Burden: The Life of Annie C. Tuggle

I was Under a Heavy Burden: The Life of Annie C. Tuggle

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by Edward J. Robinson

A compelling biography of an African American woman who, despite the challenges of both race and gender, made her mark as an educator, leader, and historian.

Despite the heavily-weighted burden of societal biases, Annie C. Tuggle emerged in her community as a well-educated leader. While maintaining her convictions aligned with the southern Churches of Christ, Tuggle became a published author in religious journals, an evangelizer and organizer of an all-women's church, and a chronicler of African American Churches of Christ.

Tuggle certainly experienced first-hand the culturally imposed twin onuses, yet her story stands apart largely because of particular perspectives and interests in the religious movement happening in the Churches of Christ. Tuggle lends a unique voice to the conversation in the United States, adding richness and complexity to our picture of black Christian women of the time. She symbolizes the countless ordinary African American women who labored to help their people find their way within a distinctive religious construct situated in a society with highly undesirable iron mandates.

Edward J. Robinson, Associate Professor of Bible and History and Director of the Center for Student Success at Southwestern Christian College, Terrell, Texas, is also the author of five previous books, including Show Us How You Do It: Marshall Keeble and the Rise of Black Churches of Christ in the United States, 1914-1968 (University of Alabama Press, 2008), and The Fight Is On in Texas: A History of African American Churches of Christ in the Lone Star State (ACU Press, 2008).

"No one has contributed more to the study and recounting of the story of African American Churches of Christ than Edward Robinson. His careful research and wide knowledge of American social and religious history make this book an extremely important contribution to the history of Churches of Christ, American Christianity, and the Black Church."

—Douglas A. Foster, Professor of Church History, Director of the Center for Restoration Studies, Abilene Christian University

"Edward Robinson has opened a new door of scholarship as he introduces us to Sister Annie C. Tuggle, a Black woman who played an integral part in the early development of Churches of Christ in the American South. Robinson provides an exceptionally thoughtful analysis of Tuggle's heavy burdens of race, gender, and religion within an organization that was unforgiving of each of these constructs."

—Tanya Smith Brice, Associate Professor of Social Work, Baylor University

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