• How We Did It: Weight Loss Choices That Will Work for You

How We Did It: Weight Loss Choices That Will Work for You

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by Nancy B. Kennedy

In How We Did It, Nancy Kennedy retells the stories of those who have tried every weight-loss program available, facing both frustration and success. These stories will inspire, inform, and encourage readers to and the system that works for them.

Weight loss plans are too often presented as one-size-fits-all propositions. How We Did It, compares the wide gamut of weight loss programs—South Beach, the Zone, Atkins, Thin Within, First Place, Weight Watchers and many more-and demonstrates how weight loss seekers have used or modified and combined plans to create their own recipe for success. This book acts as a resource for inspiration and information. Not only does it connect with millions of adults struggling with undesirable weight, it includes chapters on childhood obesity, faith-based weight loss programs, and bariatric surgery options.

In uplifting profiles of 800-1,000 words, readers see others who repeatedly tried and failed to lose weight and keep it off, but who finally found what suited their lifestyle, personality, spirituality and Christian heritage, and their internal values.

Nancy B. Kennedy has been telling stories all her life. With a degree in journalism from Penn State University, she has served as an editor at The New Jersey Herald and Dow Jones, the latter in the division that pioneered the technology for today's online Wall Street Journal. In addition, Nancy has published in many magazines, newspapers, and books. Her list of credits includes work in the New York Times, the online Wall Street Journal, Dow Jones's National Business Employment Weekly (later CareerJournal.com), Today's Christian Woman. Nancy's most recent book Miracles and Moments of Grace: Inspiring Stories of Survival, was released in 2014. You can read more of Nancy's writing on her website at www.nancybkennedy.com. She lives New Jersey with her husband and their son.

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Pages: 224

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