• House Rules

House Rules

$ 15.99

by Larry M. James

Move from vision to reality.

In House Rules, Larry shares essential, on-the-ground leadership principles for environments as diverse as board rooms, public housing developments, hunger relief efforts, and donor cultivation. In an accessible and conversational style, he examines practical, instructive case studies and offers principled guidance for leaders in any management setting that calls for execution and action.

A great resource for leadership development and motivation, House Rules will inspire leaders to face the daunting challenges ahead and expect big results.

LARRY M. JAMES has led nonprofit organizations for almost forty years and is as comfortable networking in city hall and the business community as he is relating intimately to people left out of the American dream. He applies leadership, compassion, and a commitment to justice to some of the toughest urban landscapes in America. Larry also appears frequently in media reports on poverty, housing, and the pursuit of equity in the community. Connect with him at http://larryjamesurbandaily.blogspot.com/, on Facebook, or on Twitter @lmjread.

ISBN: 9780891124221

Pages: 256

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