• Hope for Families of Children on the Autistic Spectrum

Hope for Families of Children on the Autistic Spectrum

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by Lynda T. Young

In America today, 730,000 children between the ages of 0-21 have Autism Spectrum Disorder. This inspiring book provides information, guidance, and encouragement for the families of these children.

Maintaining a family which cares for children with social and learning disorders can be overwhelming. Autism in a child can affect language comprehension, social interaction, and intellectual capabilities. Author Lynda T. Young's education and experience come together to inform parents and give them the encouragement they need in the day-to-day trials of autism. Chapter titles include:

  • What Is "the Spectrum" and Who Is on It?
  • Making Sense of Your Child's Senses
  • Caring for the Caregiver
  • Family Flocks
  • Siblings—the "Invisible" Ones
  • Friends—the Family You Choose

Children on the Autism Spectrum looks at the family as a whole, making every attempt to include all members in the experience of special needs children. Lynda discusses everything from doctor and dental visits to playtimes with friends. She explains how to handle crisis, how to recognize signs of frustration and excitement, provides resource including a glossary of terms, and all the while helps parents find calm in the midst of the daily struggle.

Lynda T. Young, MRE, MEd, is cofounder of Kindred Spirits International whose ministries include children's hospitals and the Amani ya Juu, a refugee women's mission in Kenya. She has done volunteer work at Children's Healthcare of Atlanta, and is a national award-winning author and nationwide speaker. Her husband, Dr. John L. Young, a professor at Emory University, has done cancer research for forty years. They are blessed with four children, eleven grandchildren, and three great grandchildren—and lots of hands-on experience.

"This book is for parents, grand-parents, and caring friends who are faced with the challenges of an autistic child. You need not walk alone. Lynda Young brings you the benefit of hearing the voices of others who have walked this road, as well as professionals in the field. It is truly a book of hope and help. I highly recommend it."

Gary Chapman, Ph.D.
author of The Five Love Languages and Love as a Way of Life.

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