• An Honest Cry: Sermons from the Psalms in Honor of Prentice A. Meador, Jr.

An Honest Cry: Sermons from the Psalms in Honor of Prentice A. Meador, Jr.

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by Bob Chisholm & Dave Bland

The Book of Psalms has provided prayers and hymns for worship all through the history of the people of God. New Testament writers used the psalms to educate disciples about the nature of God's kingdom. For this reason, the psalms provide a vital resource for preaching in the church today.

The psalms express the deepest and most heartfelt human emotions one will ever witness. They articulate the mountain peak experiences of praises to God. They plummet to the depths of human despair. They provide consolation. The psalmists stand completely honest before God and challenge preachers to do the same. This kind of honesty is what the people of God long to hear from the pulpit today.

In An Honest Cry, twenty preachers share sermons from the whole range of the psalms—psalms of distress, hatred, sorrow, frailty, trust, joy, and peace. They offer these sermons in memory and honor of their friend and fellow preacher Prentice Meador Jr. for whom the Book of Psalms was always a treasured resource.

This book includes chapters from the late Prentice Meador and his son, Mark. Additional contributing writers include Royce Money, Jack Reese, Gary Holloway, Landon Saunders, Mike Cope, Chris Seidman, David Rubio, Scott Sager, Tom A. Jones, Collin Packer, Harold Hazelip, Jim Martin, Lynn Anderson, Rick Atchley, Jennings Davis, Ken Durham, John York and Tim Spivey, Randy Lowry, and Bob Chisholm.

Bob Chisholm is Minister of Spiritual Formation at Prestoncrest Church of Christ in Dallas, Texas.

Dave Bland is Professor of Preaching at Harding University Graduate School of Religion in Memphis, Tennessee.

ISBN: 9780891126447

Pages: 224

Dimensions (inches): 9 x 6

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