• Hidden Manna on a Country Road: Seeing God's Daily Provision All Around Us

Hidden Manna on a Country Road: Seeing God's Daily Provision All Around Us

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Connect with God in new and unexpected ways, seeing hidden manna all around you as you learn to pray while walking outdoors.

Prayer can be an intimidating mystery, even when we have practiced our faith for years. Yet God has hidden prayer prompts for us in nature, right outside our doors. These simple treasures can inspire deep connections with God as you uncover their spiritual truths.

Sarah Geringer discovered many prayer prompts in nature during the worldwide pandemic. On walks with her beloved dog Memphis, she spotted reasons to pray scattered all around her, like the manna God provided for Israel’s sustenance in the wilderness. His loving provision of connections via nature lifted her faith during that challenging time. The metaphors she discovered will inspire your own prayers, whether you live in the country or city. The beautiful truths you encounter will sustain your faith through all four seasons of the year.


SARAH GERINGER is an author, speaker, podcaster, artist, creative coach, and book launch manager. She is a fifth-generation resident of southeast Missouri, where she enjoys living with her three teens and two Labrador retrievers. She writes and speaks about finding peace in God’s Word at sarahgeringer.com.


“As someone who has been prayer walking as an intercessory ministry for nearly twenty-five years, I welcomed Sarah Geringer’s beautiful reflections on praying while she walks in Hidden Manna on a Country Road. This mindful practice is a powerful way to notice the beauty of creation around us, to put our own struggles into perspective, to see needs for prayer around us, and to allow God’s peace to settle over our souls. The practice healed me from depression and irrational fears, so I encourage you to read this lovely book.”

—Janet Holm McHenry, national speaker and author of 24 books, including the best-selling PrayerWalk and her newest, The Complete Guide to the Prayers of Jesus


“We are living in turbulent times, and most Christians are desperate for the Lord to breathe fresh inspiration into our prayer lives. Hidden Manna on a Country Road is an invitation to slow our rhythms, disengage from the hurried pace of our everyday spaces, and connect with God in the cathedral of his created world. Sarah’s inspired words replenished my spirit and reminded me of the power of stepping into nature and leaning into the Creator’s love. This book reads like a poem and a prayer. I’ll be returning to this book as a source of spiritual nourishment for years to come.”

—Stacey Pardoe, author of Flourish in the Fire and Mornings with Jesus; founder of Encountering God in the Ordinary

“As I read Sarah’s beautiful words, I was often reminded that all things have been created through God and for him. Each short chapter is a vivid word picture of God’s provision and goodness. These images will stay with me, serving as prayer prompts. I loved this book for its simple yet evocative descriptions and relatable stories, and I believe it will create a lasting and positive impact to deepen my prayer life.”

—Dawn Klinge, author of the Historic Hotels Collection: Sorrento Girl, Biltmore Girl, and Palmer Girl

“With her dog’s leash in hand and a gravel road underfoot, Sarah Geringer grounds her readers in the concrete and the physical—then transports us to the world of the Spirit. With refreshing candor, Hidden Manna on a Country Road applies biblical truth to the harsh realities of life on broken ground. The nodding heads of daffodils, the bitter Missouri wind, and the liquid trill of bird song nourish the soul, for they are God’s provision.”

—Michele Morin, Bible teacher, writer, reader, and gardener who blogs at Living Our Days


“This book a gift to anyone trying to find God’s presence in the middle of real life. As a pastor, I know many people struggle with prayer and spending time with God, but Sarah invited people into an experience that is both practical and beautiful, simple and powerful, normal and holy.”

—Rev. Brett Cheek, Teaching Pastor, La Croix Church

“Sarah Geringer’s latest devotional invites readers to travel along with her on quietly introspective walks of faith, journeying down country lanes and woodland paths with her faithful, four-legged friend, Memphis, by her side. Vulnerable, raw and reflective, honest and inspiring, Hidden Manna on a Country Road is not to be missed by anyone seeking a closer walk with God.”

—Tama Fortner, ECPA award-winning and best-selling author

Hidden Manna on a Country Road brings the majesty, peace, and lessons from God’s natural world into your home via insights shared through masterful storytelling. We too often find ourselves wandering in the wilderness of this world. Knowing that God’s hidden manna is out there awaiting our discovery makes every next step in this journey called life an adventure. It is on those country roads of our lives that God invites us into quiet moments of reflection and prayer with him alone. It is in those moments that his manna is most often found. This book helps usher you into those God-ventures. Our spiritual lives should be a cycle of emptying out and refilling; as each chapter unfolds, as each season of life passes, Sarah Geringer brings the opportunity to achieve both.”

—J. D. Wininger, writer and speaker at jdwininger.com

Hidden Manna on a Country Road is a soul-awakening invitation to a new kind of prayer life. Every chapter calls you outside—and calls to you inside. It inspires you to step outside with God, encountering the Father-Creator in his glorious creation. Then it changes you inside as you reflect on your heart, thought patterns, and character. Sarah’s reflections give fresh meaning to the phrase ‘my walk with God,’ reminding us of the joys that await us when we walk with God.”

—Elizabeth Laing Thompson, author of All the Feels, All the Feels for Teens, and the When God Says series

In this tenderly vulnerable book, Sarah recounts her walks with God along the generational Midwestern landscape of her home. In these pages you’ll find beautiful prayers penned from Sarah’s heart, and relevant reminders of God’s intimate presence throughout the seasons of our lives. Join Sarah and her dog Memphis as they walk alongside you in Hidden Manna on a Country Road, and discover afresh the sweet manna of God’s presence hidden amidst everyday life.”

—Brenda Bradford Ottinger, writer of Encouragement for Today devotions for Proverbs 31 Ministries


“Manna was food for a journey. Prayer is also food for a journey. Sarah Geringer is inviting us into the journey of prayer-walking with her unlikely companion. We do well to accept the invitation, as she draws us into the sights, sounds, and seasons of a country road to hear nothing less than the still, small voice of God.”

—Travis Scholl, author of Walking the Labyrinth

“God’s voice takes on a seasonal yet tender timbre in Sarah Geringer’s delightful devotional Hidden Manna on a Country Road. Taking us through physical, emotional, and spiritual seasons on her daily prayer walks, Sarah describes the outer and inner landscape of her life in such a way to encourage us to get outside and look and listen for God’s hidden manna in our lives as well. Read Sarah’s country road journey with God and embark on your own.”

—Eugene C. Scott, writer at eugenecscott.com, poet, outdoorsman, and pastor at Saint James Presbyterian Church, Littleton, CO


ISBN 9781684261024

Pages 176

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