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Hear Today

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By David A. Fiensy


“Fiensy’s treatment of each of the twelve selected parables of Jesus is unparalleled in clarity and relevance.”
—KEITH P. KEERAN, Chancellor and Distinguished Professor of Leadership and Communication, Kentucky Christian University

“With considerable scholarly knowledge of first-century society
and culture, David Fiensy interfaces deft understanding of the
parables with contemporary awareness and insight.”
—WILLIAM R. BAKER, editor, Stone-Campbell Journal

Whoever Has Ears, Let Them Hear

Many longtime Christians know the parables of Jesus. They have
heard them dozens of times, but have they really heard God’s
message? And new Christians are often unsure what to make
of these parables that seem to have been written for someone
else. But from the first chapter to the last, Hear Today makes
the most famous parables of Jesus come to life. With accessible,
easy-to-read explanations, discussion questions, and historical
details, this thirteen-week study offers readers enriching, new
perspectives on the teachings of Jesus.

Fiensy applies and contemporizes the parables by retelling
the stories in modern categories, paraphrasing Scripture with a
new translation, and offering numerous practical illustrations.
Drawing on his rich understanding of archaeology, Fiensy also
includes a digging deeper section in each chapter to lead readers
to a fuller understanding of context for these parables. Listen to
more than the words of the parables. Prepare to hear God’s heart.


DAVID A. FIENSY, after graduating from Duke University with a PhD
in New Testament, taught for seven years at Kentucky Christian
University, served as a campus minister in Germany, pastored a
church in Ohio, and then returned as professor at Kentucky Christian
for the next twenty-three years. Now, David serves as a speaker and
consultant for churches and colleges, and is involved in writing and
research projects.


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Pages 176

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