• God & Morality in Christian Traditions

God & Morality in Christian Traditions

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Christianity presumes morality is connected in important ways to God.

God & Morality in Christian Traditions explores a wide range of philosophical issues related to that connection, including the metaphysical foundations of morality, the Fall and its implications, and how faith can affect one’s ability to discern obligations. Also included is a robust treatment of how vice and virtue shape one’s ethical life, as well as a timely discussion of how people—both Christians and non-Christians—can address deep moral disagreement in a pluralistic society. Drawing on Catholic, Protestant, and free church traditions, this volume highlights perspectives drawn from the natural law tradition, divine command theory, and virtue ethics, among other theoretical frameworks. Along the way, the authors provide salient insights on metaethics, moral epistemology, character development, and applied ethics. Scholars and students in Christian ethics, philosophy, and theology will benefit from this carefully edited and rigorously argued collection of essays.

J. CALEB CLANTON is University Research Professor and professor of philosophy at Lipscomb University.

KRAIG MARTIN is associate professor of philosophy in the College of Bible and Ministry at Harding University.

“A timely and useful collection on some of the deepest questions about the relationship between God and morality by an impressive group of scholars.”

—Jonathan Kvanvig, professor of philosophy, Washington University, St. Louis

“This volume aptly frames and attends to the crucial issues and questions regarding the relationship between God and morality. The essays rightly take their place at the intersection of theology and philosophy and wonderfully combine rigor and constructive suggestion. The volume also does not privilege one approach, nor does it form an artificial consensus among the contributors. No uniform philosophical approach is synonymous with the Christian tradition and its relationship with contemporary philosophy. We owe a great debt to the editors for putting together such a fine work of scholarship and bringing the world of contemporary philosophy into serious conversation with particular expressions of the Christian faith.”

—Frederick D. Aquino, professor of theology and philosophy, Abilene Christian University, Graduate School of Theology

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