• The Fulfillment Principle: Experiencing Pure Joy in Your Life

The Fulfillment Principle: Experiencing Pure Joy in Your Life

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by Bob Westfall

Drawing on the challenge of one of Jesus' most powerful parables, The Fulfillment Principle is packed with stories, encouragement, and motivation to help readers discover and pursue their God-given gifts in order to experience the joy of a lifetime—for a lifetime.

Asking readers, "Are you ready to dream God's Dream?" Bob Westfall invites those who are overwhelmed and unfulfilled to realize this simple but profound truth: "When you use the gifts God gives you to live out the dream he has birthed in you, then you experience the joy of fulfillment that comes straight from heaven."

Through real-life stories, readers will see practical examples of people who are using their God-given gifts to live in fulfillment. They will also see the extraordinary impact individuals can have when they use their gifts instead of burying them.

Bob Westfall talks to readers about realizing unceasing joy, the embedded nature of God-given talents, and making "Your life . . . well spent" a reality. Fulfillment isn't impossible or unreachable. It starts with the understanding that God created each of us with a glorious dream for who we are.

Bob Westfall is president of the Westfall Group (www.westfallgroup.net), which serves charities and Christian ministries in financial stewardship and communications. Bob's company has helped charities raise more than $210 million in new income for their valuable work. Bob frequently speaks at national conferences and to charity boards, philanthropists, churches, and other groups. While serving as director of development for Walk Thru the Bible Ministries (WTB), Bob helped WTB's pool of donors and ambassadors grow from several dozen to more than 1,400. During that time, WTB's contribution revenue climbed from $2 million to $9.3 million each year, and its sustained growth ran at an unprecedented 30 to 35 percent during the period of 1998 to 2001. Bob currently lives in Suwanee, Georgia, with his wife, Kim. They are the parents of four children.

ISBN: 9780891122876

Pages: 130

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