• From Broken to Beloved: A Journey of Awakening

From Broken to Beloved: A Journey of Awakening

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by Terry Wardle

Released 9/07/2021

You are invited on a journey of awakening, where the wonder of who you truly are is unleashed through the transforming power of Jesus Christ.

One of the most important discoveries any of us will ever make is that the Christian life is not an achievement but an awakening—something initiated by God and empowered by his Spirit. It demands nothing more than that we position ourselves for the transformational journey that he intends. When we do this, a wonder is birthed inside of us that is a reflection of God himself.

The acceptance and spiritual vibrancy we long for won’t be won through personal effort. Good behavior and dedicated service within the church won’t enable us to see who we really are. As important as these commitments may be, they are not prerequisites to experiencing intimacy with the Lord or to receiving affirmation of our self-worth.

The truth is that God has already placed brilliance inside of us. We are one-of-a-kind works of art, uniquely valuable not by virtue of what we do but by virtue of who we are—beloved children gathered into the heart of the Father who has made us in his image. Unfortunately, many of us are clueless about our true identity because it is buried beneath layers of personal brokenness.

From Broken to Beloved will lead you step-by-step, enabling you to say yes to the work Jesus wants to do within you. As you take one step after the other, you will begin to realize that “awakening” is not simply a beautiful concept but a healing experience that will enable you to see who you are so that you can receive everything God intends for your life.

DR. TERRY WARDLE is a popular and dynamic speaker who leads seminars and retreats designed to equip pastors, counselors, clinicians, spiritual directors, and many lay people. The founder of Healing Care and HCM International, he is Professor Emeritus at Ashland Theological Seminary and also served as executive director of Alliance Theological Seminary. Former Vice President of Nyack College, he was the founding pastor of Risen King Community Church in Redding, California. He and his wife, Cheryl, reside in Ashland, Ohio. https://www.terrywardle.org

“With the mind of a professor and the heart of a pastor, Terry Wardle takes the reader deeper into the issues of the heart and the soul. The useful integrative and reflective exercises at the end of each chapter are particularly valuable and the readable style will be appreciated. I highly recommend From Broken to Beloved for those who want to get in touch with the most personal side of their life, as well as for professionals and practitioners who desire to assist others along this pilgrim journey.”
—Dr. Martin Sanders, Director of Doctor of Ministry, Alliance Theological Seminary; Founder and President, Global Leadership, Inc.

“What a stunning book! Writing with grace and wit, Wardle makes following Jesus eminently evocative, clear, and practical. Centuries ago Gregory of Nyssa insisted that ‘concepts create idols; only wonder understands.’ For those who have been exhausted by concept-driven discipleship, this book is a timely invitation to stand in awe and wonder of God.”
—Karlo V. Bordjadze, Team Leader of CRU, Ohio State University; Adjunct Professor,
Ashland Seminary; author of Darkness Visible

From Broken to Beloved is a powerfully profound book that truly has the anointed handprint of God. The redemptive words within these pages along with Terry’s transparency as he vulnerable shares stories of his own brokenness, captivates the reader, bringing them into the healing presence of God. This book could not have come at a better time in my healing journey. God used Terry’s words to bring me into a deeper place of reflecting on my own trauma, brokenness, and redemption. I was elevated into a new level of freedom as I was reminded that I am not alone in this journey. That I no longer need to wear the grave clothes of shame as my past does not
define me because I am a new creation in and through Christ. I was able to fully embrace that I am a daughter of the Most High and I am a beloved child of God. From Broken to Beloved is healing to the shattered soul and has true resurrection power.”
—Alison Vorlicky, CEO, Wrecked to Redeemed Ministries

“Terry Wardle paves the way for the reader to know and experience spiritual awakening as repeatable and ongoing. With his honest approach and vulnerable life stories, Terry freely shares his own journey of brokenness and struggle, which leads to being known as the Beloved. From Brokenness to Beloved offers practical awareness exercises after each chapter to gently lead the reader to experience God’s presence as the place of transformation. I have known Terry for many years as a man who lets his life speak, and his passionate desire for more of God has awakened my heart and countless other people’s hearts to want to know God as he does. I highly recommend this book to awaken your longing to experience life as the Beloved. You won’t be
—Dr. Wanda Walborn, Associate Professor of Spiritual Formation, Alliance Theological Seminary; author of Spiritual Journey: Can I Really Get Close to God?

“Terry’s humble and confessional writing opens our heart to God and others as we read. God is irresistibly attracted to the contrite of heart; authentic humility begins with honesty. Terry’s honesty is refreshing. He doesn’t just leave us open and vulnerable though, he leads us to experience and encounter the tenderness of God where our hearts can find a remedy. There are some broken places in our souls that God cannot heal with his power in a moment, but only with his tenderness over time. Linger with the experiences that are in the book. Terry is a trustworthy pastoral guide who can help you make the journey From Broken to Beloved.
—Dr. Rob Reimer, author of Soul Care

“How does a person change from someone who is convinced that they are inadequate and broken to an individual who knows they are valued and loved? Terry Wardle is clear that hard work and achievements will never bring about such a change, but an encounter with God certainly will! In From Broken to Beloved, Dr. Wardle offers a simple and doable spiritual exercise using the acronym RING (Remain in the light, Imagine prophetically, Notice, and Give thanks). I recently completed an 8-week spiritual direction group with four ladies using another of Dr. Wardle’s spiritual exercises—the 3 Rs (Rest, Receive, and Respond) described in Every Breath We
Take—and I became an eye witness to four journeys of transformation. I am completely confident that this new book with all it has to offer and unpack will be equally amazing and another bright torch lighting the way on the journey to wholeness.”
—Sharon E. Siler, EdD, Executive Director, The Healing Place Center for Counseling and Spiritual Formation, Mechanicsville, Virginia

ISBN 9781684264711

Pages 256

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