• For the Love of the Lord: Letting Love Transform You into the Person God Wants You to Be

For the Love of the Lord: Letting Love Transform You into the Person God Wants You to Be

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by Nancy Ferguson

An in-depth look at what the Bible teaches about love and how that love should transform us.

The title For the Love of the Lord has a double meaning - it refers both to the love God has for us and the love we have for God. But what is love? How does it make us act? How does it change us? In this book, author Nancy Ferguson sets out to free readers from preconceived notions by finding out what the Bible says about love.

By acting out love toward others, we learn more about what it really is and what it can do. As we learn more about the love that God lavishes on us, we mature in the love of the Lord. As we mature in that love, we love God and others more and more. Thus, Nancy demonstrates, love is a circle that spirals upward until we reach our final destination, where we shall spend eternity basking in the glories of heaven in God's presence. "My prayer," writes Nancy, "is that as you read this book, you will learn more of God's love and be drawn closer to the Source of the unlimited love lavished upon us daily, and that you will let that love transform your life into what God wants you to be."

In this back-to-basics study, Nancy shares her passion for the Bible and God's generous love.

Nancy Ferguson graduated from Abilene Christian University (College) in 1955 with B.A. in Bible. She has written Vacation Bible School materials and articles for Power for Today, Gospel Advocate, 21st Century Christian, and Church and Family. Her chapter, "The Role of Women in the Assembly of the Church," appeared in Directions for the Road Ahead: Stability in Change among Churches of Christ, and her book, Living a Worthy Life (Gospel Advocate, 1999), has been translated into Russian. Nancy has taught classes at lectureships, ladies days, workshops, retreats, and more in at least six states and eight foreign countries. Her topics have included teacher training, family relationships, women's role in the church, submission, and various passages from Scripture. She currently teaches ladies' Bible classes, and is active in ministries to mothers of young children and to international students at ACU. Nancy married Everett Ferguson in 1956. They have three children and six grandchildren.

"[Nancy's] latest work, For the Love of the Lord, develops love that surrenders to the will of the Lord....In Nancy's detailing of God's transforming and protecting love, the response of obedient love is the setting for valuable discussions of love and marriage, loving our children, and loving one another... An excellent book."

- Doreen Ellis
Waterloo Ontario

ISBN: 9780891126799

Pages: 192

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