• For the Love of God: A Woman's Guide to Finding Faith and Getting Grace

For the Love of God: A Woman's Guide to Finding Faith and Getting Grace

$ 14.99

by Jenny Lee Sulpizio

Being new is never easy—especially when it comes to finding your faith. But you don't need a big neon sign to point the way to God. Instead, you need a friend to tell it to you straight, equip you with information, and provide some much-needed encouragement along the way. Indeed, you need guidance from a woman who has already walked a mile in your shoes.

Jenny Lee Sulpizio invites you to silence those doubts, experience God's grace, and breathe in the unconditional love you were always meant to know. It's a guide for women unsure of their Creator, in search of answers, and interested in pursuing a genuine relationship with the Lord. Because this walk with God--this journey with Jesus? It's about to change everything.

After many failed attempts at following God's cues, Jenny Lee Sulpizio has but one goal in mind these days: encouraging women to set their sights on God and away from the worldly mayhem distracting them. As a Christian mom, wife, author, and blogger, Jenny looks to inspire her readers to a state of action and a place of peace. She resides in Arizona with her husband and three children. Connect with Jenny online at www.jennyleesulpizio.com where youÍll find her blog, Mom on a Mission.

ISBN: 9780891126577

Pages: 240

Dimensions (inches): 8.25 x 5.5

Weight (pounds): 0.6

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