• Faithprints: Touching Your World for Jesus

Faithprints: Touching Your World for Jesus

$ 14.99

by Rebekah Binkley Montgomery

Touching the world for Jesus can happen in the most unlikely ways, and through the most unlikely people. This fun-to-read, nuts-and-bolts guidebook proves readers don't have to be perfect to Faithprint, leaving Jesus's lasting impression on the world.

Faithprints: Touching Your World for Jesus paints a portrait of Jesus--a Faithprint—to help others know him. Matching opportunities with Holy Spirit insight and practical tips, author Rebekah Binkley Montgomery shows where to look for Faithprint opportunities in unexpected places.

Drawing on her own considerable experience, as well as interviews with others, Rebekah describes Faithprints—processes to follow and pitfalls to avoid based on biblical mandates. She encourages readers to pray for the confidence needed to seize opportunities of using their spiritual gifts and natural talents to make favorable impressions of Jesus on those around them.

Rebekah Binkley Montgomery has a heart for practical service ministry. Presently, Rebekah spearheads numerous private and public outreaches in the U.S. from hurricane relief to housing rehab to emergency food baskets. She was awarded Kewanee Business and Professional Women's "2009 Woman of the Year." Rebekah is also involved with Clamor de la Barrio (Argentina), Canaan Orphanage, Pierre Payen Hospital and Clinic (Haiti), and is establishing Haiti's first ever cancer clinic. For her private ministry, she is the 2010 recipient of the Beyond Me Award for "humbly modeling a you-first life in a me-first world." She and her husband John have been married 40 years. They have three grown children and three wonderful grandchildren.

ISBN: 9780891122272

Pages: 218

Dimensions (inches): 8.25 x 5.5

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