• Faith and Learning: A Guide for Faculty

Faith and Learning: A Guide for Faculty

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by Ken Bradley & Patrick Allen

A rich and practical handbook offering tools for assessing and reporting Christian college faculty members' faith-learning integration in teaching, research, and service.

Christian colleges expect new and continuing faculty to articulate clearly an understanding of the impact that Christian faith has on their teaching, research, and service. They also expect their faculty to be able to assess and demonstrate that they are realizing their understanding in their ongoing work as scholars and teachers. Many faculty find this dimension of their work—often labeled the integration of faith and learning—confusing and difficult to assess and describe.

This volume begins with two useful tools: a working conception of faith/learning integration specifically for Christian college faculty, and an outline of what deans, provosts, and tenure-promotion committees typically expect faculty to know and do.

Introducing the highly regarded framework of ernest boyer and the Carnegie Foundation (Scholarship Reconsidered, 1990), the book then examines teaching, research, and service, weaving together three conversational threads: boyar's understanding of what scholarship means in each dimension, models and meanings of faith and learning integration in that dimension, and the expectations of provosts, deans, and tenure-promotion committees in that dimension.

Finally the book presents a framework for assessing faith/learning integration in the three dimensions of teaching, research, and service and provides step-by-step instructions for reporting and describing the individual faculty member's approach.

Kenneth Badley is professor of education at George Fox University. He has authored or co-authored numerous books, including Worldviews: The Challenge of Choice, Perspectives on Globalization: Teacher's Resource, and Expressions of Faith. He holds a PhD in the Philosophy of Education from the University of British Columbia.

Patrick Allen served as provost at George Fox University, Southern Nazarene University, Anderson University, and Point Loma Nazarene University. He holds a PhD in the History and Philosophy of Higher Education from the University of Oklahoma.

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Pages: 260

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