• Everyone Loves Sex: So Why Wait?: A Discussion in Sexual Faithfulness

Everyone Loves Sex: So Why Wait?: A Discussion in Sexual Faithfulness

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by Bryan A. Sands

More than 100 million acts of sex occur every day in our world. If we are going to engage a new generation, we need to rethink how we frame the sexual faithfulness conversation.

And that's exactly what this book does! Instead of the tired "Don't have sex until marriage because the Bible says so" rhetoric, Everyone Loves Sex uncovers what psychology and sociology reveal—and the results may surprise you!

Sexual faithfulness is about committing to one’s future spouse—in spite of what one's sexual life has looked like in the past. The future can be different! It is about making the change and honoring the one you love (or will love). Rather than casting judgment or condemnation, this book casts a vision for what your life could be, inspiring you to not only embrace positive change, but make a difference in the lives of others!


Bryan A. Sands has a passion for working with students. He believes students, regardless of their pasts, can excel because God has not forgotten them. After thirteen years as a local pastor, Bryan has spent the last six years serving as the Director of Campus Ministries at Hope International University in Fullerton, CA. He also blogs regularly at bryanasands.wordpress.com. Bryan and his wife, Caz, along with their two daughters, Abby and Lily-Rose, live in Orange County, CA.


"God created us wired for sexual pleasure. Our sin complicates God's good gift to us. Bryan Sands reminds us of God's redemption and helps us understand our struggles and desires. I enthusiastically recommend his work, which is compellingly written as he addresses what may be the most crucial and controversial topic of today."

—Tremper Longman III, Robert H. Gundry Professor of Biblical Studies, Westmont College, and the author of God Loves Sex

"Just like fire, sex is great when practiced within the boundaries of its design. But if you've only known the pain of getting burned by sex, it’s time to read this book and find out what you’ve been missing!"

—Jeremy Jernigan, author of Redeeming Pleasure

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