• Everyday Brave: Living Courageously as a Woman of Faith

Everyday Brave: Living Courageously as a Woman of Faith

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By Janet Thompson

Be Your Own Kind of Brave!

Bravery isn’t reserved for only women serving on international mission teams, or for women who serve in the military or on a police force. Every woman is brave, much braver than she might think. But feelings of doubt and inadequacy try to stop us from living up to our God-given potential to be courageous women of faith.

In Everyday Brave, Janet explores the extraordinary actions of fifty ordinary women in the Bible, women who display bravery in usual and unusual circumstances. Thirty present-day women also give their testimony of realizing their strength and courage through God’s love. As Janet shares the stories of these women, she reminds us that the heart and substance of bravery, even in the face of fear, comes from unconditionally placing our hope in the only One who can give us the courage to stay the course.

Janet Thompson is an award-winning Christian speaker and the author of twenty books, including Mentoring for All Seasons. She is also the founder and director of Woman to Woman Mentoring Ministry and About His Work Ministries. She earned an MBA from California Lutheran University and a MA in Christian Leadership from Fuller Theological Seminary. Janet and her husband, Dave, live in the rural mountains of Idaho. She enjoys walking in the mountains and watching wildlife play in the yard. Janet writes a weekly blog and monthly online newsletter at www.womantowomanmentoring.com.

If you long to be a bold, resilient, and faith-filled woman of God, Everyday Brave is for you! Janet Thompson has written a timeless book that includes powerful stories of women in the Bible alongside honest accounts of contemporary women who obeyed God’s call. This essential resource will help you choose courage in your everyday life and ministry. Read it first for yourself and then gather a group of your friends together to read it as a book study.—Carol Kent, international speaker and author of Becoming a Woman of Influence

 Bravery doesn’t come wrapped in a superhero cape. Everyday Brave is filled with stories of ordinary women from contemporary and biblical times who say yes to God’s call to step out in faith. If you feel discouraged or even fearful in your circumstances, you need this book. Janet’s words will inspire you to choose courage, because God is with you.—Lori Wildenberg, speaker and author of Messy Journey

 The stories in this book will inspire you to face your greatest challenges and conquer your deepest fears. Janet Thompson addresses all aspects of our lives and reminds us that nothing is impossible when God is our guide and the source of our strength. Amazing book—buy it and read it!Crystal Bowman, award-winning author of more than one hundred books, including Mothers in Waiting

 Profiled in a vibrant and engaging manner, the stories of the biblical women in Everyday Brave challenge women of today to live with courage because they belong to a fully capable, true, and powerful God. These women show that living bravely in light of God’s truth isn’t necessarily easy, but yielding one’s own will for the sake of being used by God for his purposes brings fulfillment, peace, and joy.—Cynthia Newman, dean of the College of Business Administration and professor of marketing, Rider University

 I believe that God is calling women in this generation to rise up to the anointing he has placed on their lives. Yet, so many of us are afraid. If that’s you, I have good news: Everyday Brave is God’s message to you. In this book, Janet will beautifully and powerfully inspire you to step up and get your brave on.—Becky Harling, speaker, certified leadership coach, and author of How to Listen so People Will Talk

 In this world, we all need to be just a little bit braver! In Everyday Brave, Janet Thompson gives us an infusion of courage through the examples of women in the Bible. A must-read to gain confidence and courage for everyday life!—Pam Farrel, best-selling author of forty-eight books, including Seven Simple Skills for Every Woman, and coauthor of Discovering Hope in the Psalms

 Janet Thompson has put together an amazingly comprehensive study on fifty women from the Bible who demonstrated bravery. A common theme in these stories is choice. We don’t have to wait until we feel brave. We can make the choice to be brave—to take action on a daily basis and demonstrate that we trust God for the results. I highly recommend this excellent book for yourself and for your small group.—Janet Holm McHenry, international speaker and author of twenty-four books, including PrayerWalk and The Complete Guide to the Prayers of Jesus

 Janet Thompson has masterfully brought to life brave women of the Bible who, along with contemporary women of faith, remind us that with God, we’re all braver than we think possible. You’ll want to soak in every bit of wisdom and encouragement that Janet offers for all areas of our life.—Pat Layton, president, Life Impact Network, and author of Surrendering the Secret and Life Unstuck

 Do you need a dose of bravery to face hardships and challenges, or just to trust God’s purposes in your everyday life? Janet breathes life into the women in the Bible, sharing their brave choices and boldness. Yet she also reveals that bravery isn’t just about what we do. It is how we believe—even in times of waiting and grief. These real women with real challenges can help us face our fears and doubts in order to live victoriously. This is a wonderful book to read with a community or a friend!—Tricia Goyer, USA Today best-selling author of seventy-five books, including Walk It Out

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Pages 272

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