• Every Breath We Take: Living in the Presence, Love, and Generosity of God

Every Breath We Take: Living in the Presence, Love, and Generosity of God

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by Terry Wardle

Christians are desperate for intimacy with the Lord. While grateful for all he has done, we long to encounter his presence in our daily lives. Amazingly, God desires the same relationship with us, and he has made it possible for us to live in his presence, love, and generosity with every breath we take.

This book is designed to help you experience intimacy with God in your daily life. It presents a simple, yet effective, spiritual practice that raises awareness of the abiding presence of the Lord in what has been called "the sacrament of the present moment."

Every Breath We Take will give you a deeper understanding of God's presence, love, and generosity, and provide you with a pathway to encounter him in deep and transforming moment-by-moment encounters.

Terry Wardle is Professor of Practical Theology at Ashland Theological Seminary in Ashland, Ohio, and is the author of numerous books, including Untamed Christian, Unleased Church: The Extravagance of the Holy Spirit in Life and Ministry (2010); Strong Winds, Crashing Waves: Meeting Jesus in the Memories of Traumatic Events (2008); and Outrageous Love, Transforming Power: How the Holy Spirit Shapes You into the Likeness of Christ (2004). He conducts frequent seminars on emotional healing and leadership renewal for counselors, pastors, therapists, and other Christian caregivers. He and his wife have three children and four grandchildren.

ISBN: 9780891123699

Pages: 160

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