• Evangelicalism & the Stone-Campbell Movement, Volume 2: Engaging Basic Christian Doctrine

Evangelicalism & the Stone-Campbell Movement, Volume 2: Engaging Basic Christian Doctrine

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by William R. Baker

Max Lucado and Gene Appel embody the new engagement between the Stone-Campbell Movement and evangelicalism. Lucado is America's bestselling Christian writer; and Appel was recently appointed successor to Bill Hybels at Willow Creek, America's largest and most influential evangelical church. Both men have deep Stone-Campbell Movement roots.

The Stone-Campbell Restoration Movement is a two-hundred-year-old tradition made up of three sub-traditions: Churches of Christ (a cappella), Christian Churches (independent), and Disciples of Christ. Churches of Christ (a cappella) and Christian Churches (independent) especially, are increasingly engaging both each another and the evangelical world. As this engagement continues, suspicions and misconceptions are giving way, and foundational theological issues are being explored - together.

This important volume continues the dialogue that began with the first volume of Evangelicalism and the Stone-Campbell Movement (InterVarsity Press 2002). Volume 2 focuses on the basic doctrines of God, Christ, the Lord's Supper, eschatology and Scripture. Responses from noted evangelical scholars show how Stone-Campbell thought both corresponds with and departs from evangelical thought.

Everyone concerned with Christian unity and theological soundness in a time of shakeup and realignment on the Christian landscape will find rich thought and provocative discussion in this volume.

Contributors include:

  • Jack Cottrell
  • John Sanders
  • John Mark Hicks
  • I. Howard Marshall
  • Lynn McMillon
  • Gary Hall
  • Grant Osborne
  • Carisse Mickey Berryhill
  • Terry Briley
  • Gary M. Burge
  • M. Daniel Carroll R. (Rodas)
  • Richard J. Cherok
  • Brian D. Johnson
  • Paul J. Kissling
  • Mark S. Krause
  • Robert C. Kurka
  • Edward P. Myers
  • Paul Pollard
  • Duane Warden

ISBN: 9780891125112

Pages: 196

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