• The End of Unbelief: A New Approach to the Questions of God

The End of Unbelief: A New Approach to the Questions of God

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by Shane Hayes

The trend toward agnosticism, atheism, and other forms of unbelief is gathering force, especially among the young. And churches simply don't know how to counter it. This book provides the new kind of outreach needed—sophisticated, bold, and intellectually challenging.

As a former atheist turned Christian, Shane Hayes offers a unique perspective for skeptics. While standard conversion literature rarely penetrates unbelievers' defenses, this book brings them to God even as their minds are slammed shut to Christ.

Hayes found the direct transition from atheism to Christianity to be impossible. Instead, a period of Pure Theism occurred where Hayes took one step out of atheism towards the second step: Christ. Both steps require an acceptance of God as a personal and loving deity.

The End of Unbelief serves as the response to the New Atheists and to anti-faith arguments in general. Read it and give it to the skeptic in your life.

Shane Hayes earned his bachelor's and law degree from Villanova University, and studied for a year at Princeton Theological Seminary. He worked as a writer and editor for Prentice Hall, and as an attorney for the federal government. A former atheist turned Christian, Hayes resides in suburban Philadelphia with his wife and four children. His new novel, The Last Dreamgirl, was published in early 2015.

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Pages: 208

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