• Dying to Live: Letting Go of Earthly Pleasures to Find Eternal Joy

Dying to Live: Letting Go of Earthly Pleasures to Find Eternal Joy

$ 16.99

Why are God’s blessings not enough?

Women who love Jesus often struggle with the endless pursuit of things they think will make them happy. Power, possessions, pleasure, Prosecco, Pilates. You get the gist. Margaret Jen Burke noticed that her life was becoming too entangled and that she was losing touch with the Creator. Dying to Live tells her story and helps women better prepare for what matters in eternity.

She will make you laugh, speak to your reality, and challenge your faith so you are brave enough to

  • seek and (re)find a relationship with Jesus so intimate, intense, and soul quenching that it shifts your permanent perspective from earthly to eternal.
  • fully enjoy God’s wild and wonderful blessings, regardless of your original expectations.
  • grow out of a comfortable, one-dimensional life so you can posture yourself well for his return.
  • run your race (without the fear of being asked if your leggings are from Lululemon).

As followers of Jesus, it’s our job to prepare for his return carefully and completely. It’s our purpose here and truly the only thing that matters this side of eternity.

Margaret Jen Burke is a military wife, boy mom, and Christian, nonfiction writer. She lives in Pensacola, Florida, with her husband, son, and a chocolate lab named Piper. You can connect with Margaret on Instagram @margaretjenburke or by visiting her website,

“The uncomfortable goodness of this book challenged my cozy relationship with the American Dream and inspired me to realign my desires with the call to ‘seek first the kingdom of God.’”
—Pastor Rick Hazelip, author of The Knot

ISBN 9781684260638

Pages 160

Dimensions (inches) 5.5 x 8.25

Weight (pounds) .5

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