• The Divine Rescue: The gripping drama of a lost world and of the creator who will not let it go

The Divine Rescue: The gripping drama of a lost world and of the creator who will not let it go

$ 14.99

by Edward William Fudge

Everyone loves a story, and The Divine Rescue retells the grandest Story of them all. It is the tale of a perfect world gone astray, and of the God who stops at nothing to rescue that world and the people who inhabit it.

In a style both illuminating and entertaining, the author recounts highlights of the multi-layered saga of salvation from Genesis to Revelation. Seamlessly woven into this gripping drama are profound Christian truths shared by all the faithful.

This book is intended for anyone, from seeker to scholar, who has ever wept for a broken world, who has tasted pain and passion as a partner in the human plight, who has glimpsed a glory as yet unfulfilled and sensed that there is more to come.

On Sunday, May 16, 2010, Edward Fudge was interviewed in the Class of Biblical Literacy Champion Forest Baptist Church, Houston, Texas, by class teacher Mark Lanier.

Edward Fudge is a Bible teacher, preacher, and practicing attorney living in Houston, Texas. His internet publication, gracEmail, regularly encourages thousands of believers around the world. He has conducted retreats and special Bible studies for churches of many denominations in the U.S., Canada, and New Zealand. He is the author of Hebrews: Ancient Encouragement for Believers Today, The Fire That Consumes, and other books. Edward and his wife Sara Faye have been married 45 years and have two grown children and five grandchildren.

"Edward Fudge guides us through the sweetest of stories - God's relentless pursuit of his fallen people. The drama is real. The drama is ours and, thanks to Edward, the drama is captured on paper."

- Max Lucado
author and preaching minister
Oak Hills Church, San Antonio, Texas

"The Divine Rescue is the ultimate 'once upon a time' and 'happily ever after' story of the human race. I read it all in a single sitting and was blown away! Any other tale is a digression from the steadfast pursuit of a Father who runs ahead of us to be sure the gates of eternity are open when we all arrive there at the end."

- Calvin Miller
bestselling storyteller-author of The Singer, Life is Mostly Edges - A Memoir, and many other books

"I believe [Edward Fudge has] taken on one of the most important needs in the church today - giving people the big picture of God's story. For too long, we have seen Scripture as just a bunch of isolated verses and have used them to prove almost anything we wanted, but [he has] shown how the story all fits together and how the Creator is at the center of everything."

- Doug Hale
Vandelia Church of Christ, Lubbock, Texas

"I'm in the midst of my morning Bible and devotional reading and just had to write you! You can't believe how much I am enjoying and appreciating The Divine Rescue! The way the book reads, is put together, and your personal insights go together to make it amazing! So many times I find myself asking, "Why didn't I know that?" or "How come I never saw that before?" God is using you abundantly, brother. Thank you for keeping me encouraged!"

- Bruce Henderson
Carson City, Nevada

ISBN: 9780891126454

Pages: 140

Dimensions (inches): 8.25 x 5.5

Weight (pounds): 0.5

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