• Diversity Playbook: Recommendations and Guidance for Christian Organizations

Diversity Playbook: Recommendations and Guidance for Christian Organizations

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by Michelle R. Loyd-Paige and Michelle D. Williams
Released 11/02/2021


We All Need the Same Playbook

Diversity Playbook offers readers a unique opportunity to gain a sneak peek into the world of the other. Authors Michelle R Loyd-Paige and Michelle D. Williams note that many diversity efforts fail simply because organizations don't share a common language as they talk about diversity. To answer this problem, they address three key audiences in Christian organizations:

Section One  -- Wisdom for  Diversity Professionals

Section Two -- Guidance for Outliers, Allies, Co-conspirators

Section Three -- Strengthening Diversity throughout Your Organization 

Building on their years of experience in Christian higher education, Loyd-Page and Williams share pitfalls to avoid and plans that can extend God's ministry of reconciliation to everyone. Their work will help your organization become better at changing hearts and broadening minds.


I sincerely enjoyed reading this book; it was very engaging. This book challenged me, encouraged me, and also gave me a rich biblical foundation and historical view into our African American heritage. This book gave valuable tools, prayers, and insights on how to use proven strategies and lessons learned in the area of diversity, equity, and inclusion for faith-based nonprofit organizations. I certainly plan to use this book as a helpful guide as we continue our journey in D, E, & I.”

—Vicki Harris, Sr. Vice President of Global Human Resources and D, E, & I for Our Daily Bread Ministries, a worldwide organization located in 38 countries


Christian organizations are increasingly working toward diversity, equity, and inclusion. With Diversity Playbook, Michelle L. and Michelle W., two wise and experienced experts, effectively equip and empower readers to lead this shift. This resource is brilliantly written, boldly honest, and biblical. Focusing on shalom, koinonia, and reconciliation, this playbook is an essential read for all Christian organizations.”

—Rev. Emmett G. Price III, PhD, President & CEO, Black Christian Experience Resource Center


Powerful and timely, Diversity Playbook equips leaders, allies, and outliers as Christ’s agents of healing. A roadmap to human flourishing, diverse communities are God’s ideal where holy restoration and love defeat hatred, division, and brokenness. A crucial book for such a time as this!”

—Mimi Haddad, PhD, President, CBE International

Diversity Playbook is full of practical wisdom for diversity professionals, allies, and organizations looking to transform their institutions into places that increasingly resemble biblical, beloved community. This playbook is the collective guidance of two women who have committed decades of their lives to doing the work of justice as diversity professionals within Christian organizations. Christian institutions have for decades been challenged with working toward the biblical calls to reconciliation and justice. The authors of this slim volume share their expertise with readers how to achieve these seemingly intangible goals through exploring both what individuals and organizations can do to create systemic change. Uniquely, this book has content for three important constituencies in this regard: individual diversity professionals, their allies and supporters, as well as leaders of Christian organizations looking to make biblical justice something permanent in their institution through strategic, systemic change. Readers who want more than descriptions of social problems and theories about advancing the work of justice will be pleasantly surprised by this slim volume containing lifetimes of wisdom on how to pragmatically work toward change.”

—Eric Nykamp, LMSW, Producer of the Antioch Podcast: Conversations About Biblical Antiracism

“For some people, diversity is a way to be ‘in’ or politically correct. But following the biblical mandates, Loyd-Paige and Williams demonstrate that diversity and difference are at the heart of Christ’s Kingdom. Diversity Playbook is personal, practical, prophetic, and filled with loads of wisdom. It is an indispensable tool for diversity professionals and a broad array of leaders in Christian institutions, organizations, and churches.”

—Dennis Hollinger, PhD, President Emeritus & Senior Distinguished Professor of Christian Ethics, Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary


ISBN 9781684263714

Pages 176

Demensions (inches) 6 x 9 

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