• Conversations on Leadership: Foundational Insights for Elders & Leaders (DVD)

Conversations on Leadership: Foundational Insights for Elders & Leaders (DVD)

$ 29.99

by Randy Harris & Carson E. Reed

6 segments

The work of congregational leadership is a complex and challenging call.

Nonetheless, by the grace and prompting of God, shepherd and elders respond to this call in various ways. This response includes the commitment to mature personally and communally as disciples of Jesus Christ and to develop an understanding of personal identity in light of God's leadership. Congregational leadership also requires pastoral care, hope-filled visioning, effective governance, and above all else, practicing wisdom in all things.

Since these characteristics are essential to effective leadership, congregational leaders should seek to excel in them all. This video series provides practical and meaningful resources for church leaders as they strive to grow in each of these six areas. The series comprises six segments of 15-18 minutes each.

Segment topics:

  • Managing Polarities—with Ben Siburt
  • Biblical Resources—with James W. Thompson
  • Pastoral Leadership—with Lynn Anderson
  • Spiritual Practices—with Lance Bolay & Barry Packer
  • Empowering Others—with Lynn Anderson & John Harp
  • The Life Cycle of a Church—with David Wray

ISBN: 9780891126195

Segments: 6

Dimensions (inches): 7.5 x 5.25

Weight (pounds): 0.2

Vendor: ACU Press

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