• Compared to Who?: A Proven Path to Improve Your Body Image

Compared to Who?: A Proven Path to Improve Your Body Image

$ 14.99

by Heather Creekmore


See your body image struggles as issues of the heart—then find freedom from body insecurity using five biblically rooted steps!

Are you tired of clichés like “It’s what’s on the inside that counts!” or “Just love your body!” which sound encouraging but don’t really help your struggle? Then Compared to Who? is for you. It may not be grammatically correct, but it’s one question every woman should ask as she wrestles issues like:

  • Am I enough? 
  • Should I try to be more beautiful? 
  • Will anyone ever love me? 
  • Would my life be different if I looked different? 

Writing from her personal battle with weight and appearance, Heather will encourage you to see your body image struggles from a fresh perspective. Heather’s humor and honesty will encourage you, while her practical, grace-based approach will offer a path to follow to find the freedom you crave. 

With grace and humor, Heather Creekmore writes and speaks hope to a woman’s struggle with comparison and body image. As a certified group fitness instructor, Heather’s twelve years of work in gyms allowed her to directly encourage women wrestling with discontentment over their bodies. She now hails from Dallas, Texas, where she lives with her husband, Eric, a pastor and Acts 29 church planter, and four young children. Heather connects with thousands of women weekly through her speaking and blog called Compared to Who? (www.ComparedtoWho.me).



ISBN: 9780891124979

Pages: 224

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