• Christ--No More, No Less: How to be a Christian in a Postmodern World

Christ—No More, No Less: How to be a Christian in a Postmodern World

$ 12.99

by Milton Jones

As we enter a new millennium, it is obvious that the world is changing drastically. Many of the old answers to the big questions of our existence are no longer being heard. Christians wonder: Do we still really have an answer?

A new worldview is emerging. The name for it is "postmodern." What does it mean? How does it challenge disciples of Jesus Christ today? And how can we communicate the gospel with freshness and power to postmodern people?

Milton Jones's book responds to these questions in an engaging and practical way. He guides us to biblical answers by focusing on Paul's letter to the Colossians. He shows how Paul's answer to a church threatened by a "hollow and deceptive philosophy" is also our answer today: Christ—no more, no less.

Milton Jones ministers with the Northwest Church of Christ in Seattle, WA and speaks frequently at seminars and conferences. His most recent books are How to Love Someone You Can't Stand (1998) and Grace--The Heart of the Fire (1991).

ISBN: 9780970083623

Pages: 152

Dimensions (inches): 9 x 6

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