• Christ-Enlivened Student Affairs: A Guide to Christian Thinking and Practice in the Field

Christ-Enlivened Student Affairs: A Guide to Christian Thinking and Practice in the Field

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By Perry Glanzer, Theodore F. Cockle, Elijah G. Jeong, and Britney N. Graber

How does the Christian faith inform Christian student affairs practice? How should it? Instead of placing Christ outside the realm of education, Christ should serve as the motivating and animating force for all of Christian student affairs. With Christ at the center of education, the Christian story distinctly transforms the nature of the work education professionals do. With research from a national mixed-methods study, Christ-Enlivened Student Affairs avoids the common response of anecdotal evidence by providing a catalog of some of the best thinking and practices in the field. Glanzer, Cockle, Graber, and Jeong use the framework of educational philosophies to trace how Christianity animates the who, why, what, and how of student affairs, offering evidence-based resources, and new tools for engaging new practitioners in the field, and a larger theological perspective for Christian student affairs.

Also available for download - Group Discussion Guide

“This is a landmark study of the lived experiences of Christian student affairs professionals in the 21st century. But it is not just a study. It is a guidebook, a map, and a manual for what it means to integrate the Christian faith into the field. In a world where the next generation is desperately looking for a sense of meaning and purpose, these authors challenge us not to check our faith at the door of our institutions and incorporate secular theories and practices uncritically. Rather, they challenge us to focus on Jesus Christ, who enlivens our work as student affairs professionals. This is a must-read for any new or seasoned professional!” —Felix Theonugraha, President, Western Theological Seminary

“Perry Glanzer and his colleagues are convinced that effective student development on Christian and secular campuses requires something more than caring professionals who understand higher education. Forming whole persons in ways that honor God calls for a coherent theology that integrates academic learning with a life of faith. The result of their research is a redemptive, Christ-centered approach to student affairs with biblically grounded principles and practices that will exercise wide influence on the field of student development and—even more importantly—make a real difference in the lives of college and university students.” —Philip Ryken, President, Wheaton College

“In this much-needed volume, Perry Glanzer and his colleagues capture the current state of the journey toward a distinctively Christian vision of Student Life within the world of Christian higher education. This work also serves as a call toward a normative theological foundation for Christian colleges and universities that will enrich their capacity to speak distinctively and constructively—even beyond the world of Christian higher education—into the perennial student life challenges of residential life, alcohol and drug abuse, sexual integrity, and student discipline, as well as the contemporary challenges of race relations and Title IX. Christ-Enlivened Student Affairs inspires an incarnational approach to inviting our students into their full inheritance as created and redeemed divine image bearers.” —Shirley A. Mullen, President and Professor of History, Houghton College

“For the Christian leader in student affairs, a thoroughly faith-infused perspective on our work with students and colleagues is at the core of our calling. Part indictment and part call to comprehensive theological faithfulness, the authors provide a well-researched, compelling, and articulate Christian vision for our profession
and for our campus communities. We would do well to pay attention as we prepare and equip the next generation of Christ-followers!” —Brad Lau, Vice President of Student Life and Athletics, George Fox University

“These encouraging words remind me why I chose a career in Christian higher education. I find myself reflecting on how my life was deeply impacted by key student affairs employees and their ‘enlivened’ Christ-like influence. This book serves as a rich resource for those of us that desire to imagine and live out a Christian vision within the academy.” —Tom Middendorf, Provost and Senior Vice President, Trevecca Nazarene University

ISBN 9781684265008

Pages 256

Dimensions (inches) 6 x 9

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