• Children's New Testament: The Easy-to-Read Illustrated Version

Children's New Testament: The Easy-to-Read Illustrated Version

$ 14.99

by World Bible Translation Center

This complete New Testament in an Easy-to-Read translation contains 20 full-color illustrations. It provides an ideal way for parents to read God's Word to their children, and for elementary school-aged children to read God's Word for themselves.

The Easy-to-Read Illustrated New Testament was designed to give families and churches a way to introduce God's Word to children, so they can understand the plan Jesus Christ has for their lives. As parents and their children read from these pages, the simple words and colorful illustrations will open up the truths of the New Testament. Children will both see and hear many of the great stories of the Bible.

Use this Easy-to-Read New Testament in your home, your church, and as a gift. The easy reading and captivating pictures will help children keep these stories and divine truths in their hearts and minds for a lifetime.

The ERV was translated from the original Greek text of the New Testament by a team of Greek scholars aided by reading specialists at the World Bible Translation Center, Forth Worth, Texas. It offers a simple and easy reading experience suitable for people of all ages. Whether they are beginning English readers, know English as a second language, children, or people who prefer being read to, the ERV makes God's Word directly accessible at any level.

  • The complete New Testament at a level that children can read for themselves
  • Ideal for parents to read to their children
  • A perfect tool for Sunday schools, churches, and Vacation Bible Schools
  • An ideal gift for children and families

ISBN: 9780891122913

Pages: 446

Dimensions (inches): 8.25 x 5.5

Weight (pounds): 1.32

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