• Capturing Head & Heart: The Lives of Early Popular Stone-Campbell Movement Leaders

Capturing Head & Heart: The Lives of Early Popular Stone-Campbell Movement Leaders

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by Donald M. Kinder

An engaging look at six of the early Stone-Campbell Movement leaders, seeking to rediscover their hearts as well as minds.

Donald M. Kinder serves as Director of International Enrollment for Bethel University's Global Pathways program. His teaching and ministry has taken him to Iowa, Southern California, Oregon, and Tennessee, where he served as Associate Dean and Associate Professor of Church History at Harding School of Theology in Memphis. His passion for missions led him to South Korea, where for eight years he taught at Korea Christian University in Seoul. He holds a M.A. degree in New Testament from Abilene Christian University and a Ph.D. in Early Christianity from the University of Iowa.

"In this well-written book, Donald Kinder discloses a spiritual and heartfelt side of the early Stone-Campbell fathers that is often missed because of a focus upon their battles with contemporary church leaders. The early restorationists weren't merely hardened wranglers but persons of family devotion, Bible reading, and spirited singing, as Kinder shows through drawing upon original documents and more recent studies. In the process of digesting this book, our eyes and hearts will be opened to a deeply religious facet of our forefathers previously unrecognized."

- Thomas H. Olbricht
Distinguished Professor Emeritus of Religion
Pepperdine University

"This book moves us back toward a more balanced view of our nineteenth-century forebears. But far more importantly, the author here calls out for a richer balance of thoughtful theological reflection and passionate spirituality in the churches of our day. I feel confident that a great many readers will join me in expressing deep gratitude for this helpful and refreshing volume." (from the Foreward)

- Lynn Anderson
Hope Network Ministries
San Antonio, Texas

ISBN: 9780891123163

Pages: 186

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