• Break Bread Together: Finding True Friendship at the Last Supper

Break Bread Together: Finding True Friendship at the Last Supper

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By Jessica Herberger

Discover how the example of the Last Supper can help you uncover the secrets of true friendship.

Surrounded by people, yet feeling alone. This describes how many of us live, yearning for deeper relationships. Our desire to know others, and to be known by them in the same way, goes unfulfilled. This longing for intimacy and the community of true friendship is rooted in our very nature. Yet the number of shallow social interactions that we pour ourselves into on a daily basis ends up consuming our time and drawing us further away from the very type of community and friendships we need.

Break Bread Together will show you how to change these destructive patterns and nurture true community. Join Jessica as she guides you through Jesus’s last meal with his disciples. See how he cultivated these friendships and how you can develop new ways of bonding with your friends by following Jesus’s example. Through Scripture and personal stories, Jessica will show you how to gather as friends, to break bread together, and to open your heart to the life-giving friendships around you.

JESSICA HERBERGER is on a joy mission. With a blend of relatable storytelling and practical tips, she loves encouraging women to dig deeper into their faith and to live the lives Christ has for them. Through her writing and speaking, she inspires women to seek community, to walk in obedience, and to love others well. Jessica lives in upstate New York with her husband, Josh, their three kids, and an oversized Rhodesian Ridgeback. Connect with her at www.jessicaherberger.com.

“If your life is bursting with people but you’re bereft of deep friendships, Break Bread Together is for you. By inviting us to join Jesus and his disciples at the Passover supper, Jessica Herberger offers us a biblical roadmap to discovering true friendship and building our own life-giving Breaking Bread Community. This book changed how I view friendship in general but more importantly, my personal friendships.” —Niki Hardy, church planter and author of Breathe Again

“Sitting around our small group time at a recent women’s retreat, there was a common thread of isolation and loneliness. Many tears were shed over the longing to be in community and the helplessness of not knowing where or how to find it. In Break Bread Together, Jessica Herberger understands this pain and lovingly offers biblical and practical hope. Jessica is relatable and wise and this book will spur you towards togetherness in a way that our hearts desperately need!” —Maria Furlough, author of Confident Moms, Confident Daughters and Breaking the Fear Cycle

“For anyone who is craving more connection and community, this book is a must-read. It is encouraging and inspiring, and will help you create more meaning in your relationships. Jessica gently teaches you how to serve and receive well, and also how to prioritize the friendships that you desire to prioritize. A delightful read!” —Morgan Tyree, author of Take Back Your Time and founder of Morganize with Me

“Jessica is a new friend for me, but goodnessher words connect me to my oldest and dearest friend, Jesus. I've been fascinated with the Last Supper and the last few hours of Jesus' life for a few years and this book, this incredible work, only helped to shine more light on how this meal can still shift everything for us today. Grab this book, grab your friends, get around a table, and let it change your life.” —Jess Connolly, author of You Are The Girl For The Job and Take It Too Far

“You've been invited to the table! In a world where we’re prone to retreat into our devices, Jessica Herberger invites us into community. She pulls out a chair at the table and welcomes us, not just to sit down, but to draw near and break bread together. By looking through the lens of the Last Supper, she offers a fresh perspective, giving us courage to be brave and pursue friendships on a whole new level.” —Betsy Pendergrass, writer, speaker, and gatherer at www.gatheringaround.com

Break Bread Together is a kind-hearted invitation to follow Jesus and his closest friends around the table, looking at the Last Supper where Jessica says we learn to emulate how to interact with friends, how to serve them and receive service, and how to handle conflict. She shows us the way to authentic and transformational friendships. Her open-handed stories unwrap our core needs. Every woman can benefit from this book whether you are setting the table or joining one already set for you. It’s our time to know and reach out to the people God has called us to sit with and serve.” —Blythe Daniel, literary agent at The Blythe Daniel Agency and author of Mended: Restoring the Hearts of Mothers and Daughters

“Whether you’re longing for a single true friend or simply want to take your existing friendships deeper, Jessica will prove a worthy guide. With relatable stories from her own adventures in friendship and insightful glances at Jesus’ closest friendships, you’ll find just the encouragement you need to take the next step in forging beautiful, life-changing relationships.” —Asheritah Ciuciu, founder of One Thing Alone Ministries and author of Uncovering the Love of Jesus

ISBN 9781684264902

Pages 192

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