• Believing Out Loud: Trading Fear and Defeat for an Adventure with God

Believing Out Loud: Trading Fear and Defeat for an Adventure with God

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by Kimberly Wright

Fear and low self-worth can prevent people from answering God's call on their lives. But courage and dignity are found at the cross. When people accept God's invitation for an adventure, they will have great stories to tell. And who doesn't love a great story?

Many people believe fear is something with which they just have to live. However, God's Word contradicts that belief. 2 Timothy 1:7 tells us, "For God did not give us a spirit of timidity, but a spirit of power, of love, and of self-discipline."

Our lack of self-worth will dictate what we do or do not do for God, as well as how we treat those around us. It will allow us to compromise our moral values to feel loved or accepted. You have value because God says you do—not because of what I or anyone else says. Learning to identify ourselves in Christ doesn't happen overnight—it is a journey of steps forward and sometimes backward.

Obeying God's calling on our lives will lead us on a miraculous adventure. We will burst with stories to share with others. God wants to give you those kinds of stories. He wants to blow your mind and let you experience his miracles. You may feel like the most unlikely choice for God to use in a mighty way; but remember, we don't operate on feelings, we live by truth. Let God take you on an adventure and live a great story.

Kimberly Wright was named the 2009 National Young Mother of the Year by American Mothers, Inc. and is the author of Bedtime Thoughts for the Christian Mom. She earned a BA in psychology from the University of Oklahoma and blogs weekly at www.believingoutloud.com. She travels across the U.S. speaking at women's church retreats and conferences sharing funny and encouraging stories of hope and God's endless grace. Kimberly and her husband John have four children and make their home in Kansas.

ISBN: 9780891126164

Pages: 160

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