• Becoming a Girl of Grace: A Joint Bible Study for Tween Girls and Their Moms

Becoming a Girl of Grace: A Joint Bible Study for Tween Girls and Their Moms

$ 15.99

by Catherine Bird

Released 9/07/2021

Staying connected during these few critical years can vastly impact the relationship a mom has when her child becomes a full-blown teen.

Finding responsible role models today can be especially difficult if you are a tween girl, or the parent of one. In Becoming a Girl of Grace, Catherine Bird takes a close look at some of the amazing women of the Bible and the character traits they model for today’s tween girls. These women of yesterday have a lot to share with the girls of today! Dealing with mean girls and bullies, feeling left out, and learning to like oneself are not new social dilemmas. The Bible is full of examples of strong females who chose to follow God and pursue faith despite what was happening in their world and cultures.
Becoming a Girl of Grace is prayerfully and intentionally written for tween girls to share with their moms. The premise is simple—offer a way for moms and their tween daughters to dig into the Word of God together and keep the lines of communication flowing, full of engaging questions and fun activities.

• A facilitator’s guide for small group study is included in the back of the book, which includes both online and virtual options. More resources for Becoming a Girl of Grace, such as printable Scripture cards and additional conversation starters, can be found on Catherine’s Resources Page (catherinebird.net).

CATHERINE BIRD is an author, speaker, and Bible teacher who is genuine and not without a sense of humor about her walk with Jesus. Throughout her ministry, Catherine has worked with women, teens, and tweens to encourage, empower, and equip each in their own journey of faith. Catherine is the author of Becoming a Girl of Grace, Building Circles of Grace, The Art of Amen, Armor of God, and An Advent Study: Preparing a Way. Catherine believes whole-heartedly in laughing until your belly hurts, Taco Tuesday, and that a little glitter never hurt anyone. Catherine and her family currently live near Austin, Texas. Online friends can connect with her at catherinebird.net.

“Capturing the unique relationship between mom and daughter, in Becoming a Girl of Grace, Catherine Bird weaves the wisdom in God’s Word into the fabric of a tween girl’s heart. This wonderful and unique resource helps set a firm foundation in the heart of a girl, and in her mom, for becoming a girl of grace.”
—Lynn Cowell, author of Loved & Cherished, member of the Proverbs 31 Ministries writing and speaking teams

“Catherine Bird is passionate about cultivating daughters and mothers who are grounded both in their faith and in their identity as beloved children of God. She communicates with a confident vulnerability that gives permission for families to share in kind. Becoming a Girl of Grace is a unique resource for mothers who want a deepening relationship with their daughters during a time when girls begin to explore the joys and perils of becoming their own women.”
—Rev. Katie Meek, Missionary, United Methodist Missionary; lecturer at the Bishop Wenner School of Theology, United Methodist University Sierra Leone

“As a mom myself, I sometimes struggle with how to explain biblical concepts, like grace, to my growing daughter. Catherine Bird, however, has written a heartfelt, interactive, and biblically sound study that takes the guess work out of grace, making it understandable and desirable to both my daughter and me.”
—Tracy Steel, speaker and author of A Redesigned Life: Uncovering God’s Purpose When Life Doesn’t Go as Planned and Images of His Beauty

“Parenting tweenage girls is no easy task. Every lesson in Becoming a Girl of Grace has a ‘Mom and Me’ activity that is hands on fun, and perfectly illustrates the topic at hand. Girls of Grace ‘Heart Checks’ are also included in each lesson to open dialogue and discuss real life situations. I have taken this study with my own daughter and facilitated groups of tween girls and moms. What a joy to experience and witness tween girls forming stronger connections with their moms through Bible study!”
—Jennifer Hall, Director of Congregational Care and Adult Ministry, First United Methodist Church–Round Rock

ISBN 9781684264810

Pages 176

Demensions (inches) 6 x 9

Weight (pounds) .5 

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