• Armor of God

Armor of God

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By Catherine Bird


Equip Your Child for the Battle Ahead

An invisible, spiritual battle is waging around us, a battle
between God and Satan for control of our lives. In spite of God’s
truth that the battle has already been won, Satan’s primary goal
is to separate us from God and convince us that he holds absolute
power over us.

Armor of God unpacks the six pieces of armor that God has
revealed as essential tools to defend against Satan’s schemes on
earth. Alongside their tween, parents will uncover important
truths to better understand the enemy and how he works to
ambush, outflank, and outsmart God’s army. Most importantly,
parents and tweens will learn to use their God-given armor and
employ strategies to defeat the one true enemy. In addition to
guided Bible study and “Letters from the Battlefield,” Armor of
God includes conversation starters and fun activities that will open
a dialogue between parents and tweens and draw them deeply into
God’s Word together.

CATHERINE BIRD is an author, speaker, and Bible teacher who is genuine and not without a sense of humor about her walk with Jesus. Throughout her ministry, Catherine has worked with women, teens, and tweens to encourage, empower, and equip each in their own journey of faith. Catherine is the author of Becoming a Girl of GraceBuilding Circles of Grace, The Art of Amen, and An Advent Study: Preparing a Way. Connect with her at catherinebird.net.

Armor of God is just the resource I’m looking for as a mom of two tweens. Full of conversation-starting questions, bonding activities, and practical ways to put what we’re learning together into action, this book equipped me to help my kids face the very real war before them. Working through this resource, I (for the first time in a long time) found myself helping my daughters get dressed—this time with holy, kingdom-forged armor.”

—JL Gerhardt, author and minister


“I loved every chapter of this book! My favorite chapter in Armor of God is ‘The Shield of Faith.’ Being a single mom, ‘faith over . . .’ became my mantra, and I said it over and over again when I needed a gentle reminder of God’s promises to me. I loved Catherine reminding me that the Shield of Faith is not something we wear; rather, we use it to cover ourselves from evil and trust God’s love for us no matter what we are going through. My faith can move mountains!”

—Dede Babcock Johnson, St. Dunstan’s Episcopal Church, boy mom


“Parents and ministry leaders alike will be blessed by this work. As a father, I love the idea of using this text as a tool in equipping my fourth grader with the armor of God as he prepares to enter middle school. As a veteran student ministry pastor, I appreciate how this tool equips parents for their role of discipleship, but also lends itself for use in a ministry context. The suggested activities in the text, as well as the ‘Letters from the Battlefield,’ illustrate clearly the immediate and long-term application for the armor of God in the life of both student and adult. Enjoy this special journey with the tween in your life!”

—Lucas Randall, family ministry student director, Hill Country Bible Church


“As a parent of five, I can attest to the spiritual warfare plaguing our nation’s youth. Armor of God is just the fortification our family needs to help fight the battle. I am looking forward to sharing Cat’s thoughts and insights with not just my teenage sons, but also with the rest of my children and their friends. We need all the reinforcements we can get!”

—Erica Jones, mom of five

“As an adult, it is difficult navigating the battlefield in our lives, our world. Additionally, we are given the responsibility of teaching our children how to overcome the obstacles in their lives. Satan preys on weakness; it is crucial that we are equipped in faith to face the battles we encounter. This book is a must-have in the home and ministry of the church!”

—Jodi Marfell, director of children’s ministry, Bethany United Methodist Church, Austin, TX

My son is ten years old and in fifth grade. As he matures and crosses all of life’s bridges, I’m grateful to have a toolkit with specific examples of prayers and activities that address challenges faced by youth today. When we read this book together, we not only strengthen our relationship with each other, we grow in our faith.”

—Julie Long, busy working mom with a preteen boy, Spring Hill, TN

ISBN 9781684261611

Pages 224

Dimensions (inches) 6 x 9

Weight (pounds) .5

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