• Answered by Fire: The Cane Ridge Revival Reconsidered

Answered by Fire: The Cane Ridge Revival Reconsidered

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Edited by Leonard Allen and Carisse Mickey Berryhill

The Cane Ridge Revival of August 1801 has been called “America’s Pentecost.” It brought together in the backwoods of Kentucky many thousands of people who, despite their denominational differences, joined in fasting, prayer, singing, and preaching to seek renewal.

Presiding over the six-day event was Barton Warren Stone, a Presbyterian minister. Stone said that he and others had prayed for a revival, and that God “answered by fire; for he poured out his spirit in ways almost miraculous.” Hundreds were converted, and thousands experienced visible, often dramatic manifestations of God’s presence.
Stirred by the experience of Cane Ridge, a loose network of congregations formed, sometimes called “New Light,” more often simply “Christian.” The beginnings of modern-day Churches of Christ are rooted precisely here.

Drawing upon the most recent scholarship, this volume explores such questions as:
• What was the British background to Cane Ridge?
• What were the controversial “exercises”?
• What was the role of women and blacks in the revival?
• How did the revival shape the new “Christian” movement?
• And what became of the revival theology with which it was born?
Leonard Allen serves as dean of the College of Bible and Ministry at Lipscomb University, Nashville, Tennessee. His most recent book is Poured Out: The Spirit of God Empowering the Mission of God (2018)
Carisse Mickey Berryhill serves as Special Collections Librarian at Abilene Christian University’s Brown Library. She specializes in the rhetoric of the Stone-Campbell Movement and its eighteenth-century Scottish roots.



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Pages 160

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