• Ancient Extravagance: Christian Ways of Becoming More Human

Ancient Extravagance: Christian Ways of Becoming More Human

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Find the beautiful and come alive.

We are all frittering away our lives—at least according to someone. They tell us to be productive and not waste our opportunities. In Ancient Extravagance, Ryan Snider shows us that life is more than our accomplishments and what we do. The key to a life of meaning is developing our spiritual senses, which only come awake when we worship with others. That might seem like a waste of time, but in fact, these ancient practices have the power to wake up all parts of our lives—not just Sunday morning.

Snider begins with a recovery of childlike wonder and story, reclaiming how prose, poetry, memory, and reflection heal and strengthen the soul. Next, he turns to melodies our grandmothers taught us, examining how they reach into our bones. He then reflects on what it means to eat meals with strangers and how a simple act of hospitality can gently inscribe love, generosity, gratitude, and hospitality in our hearts. These seemingly insignificant practices are mustard seeds that grow into trees to create shade for the world.

When we cease simply going to worship and start becoming the worship, we will discover the friendships, beauty, purpose, stories, and sacred moments that will save us and make us more human. Deeply meaningful and delightfully humorous, candid yet surprising, Ancient Extravagance will connect you with a more beautiful and meaningful life.

Ryan Snider is a writer, pastor, thinker, and educator committed to nurturing spiritual growth, fostering meaningful connections, and telling a more beautiful story. He has spent his career in the church and higher education. Ryan lives with his wife, Danielle, and two children in Atlanta, Georgia. He enjoys hiking, biking, and exploring the outdoors with his family. He also takes pictures and drinks a lot of Ethiopian Yirgacheffe coffee. You can find him at www.ryancsnider.com.

“Ryan’s voice is winsome, wise, and kind. He brings academic theology into a more accessible place.”
—Jason Byassee, Timothy Eaton Memorial Church, Toronto, Ontario, author of Northern Lights, Better than Brunch, and Surprised by Jesus Again

Ancient Extravagance aims at what many Christians badly want and need: a deeply Christian expression of our God-given humanity. Snider encourages us by means of storied reflections and reflective stories toward a ‘better way’ of living the life God intended for us all.”
—Richard Lischer, author of Our Hearts Are Restless

ISBN 9781684260836

Pages 224

Dimensions (inches) 6 x 9

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