• American Christianity Today: Establishment, Decline, and Revival

American Christianity Today: Establishment, Decline, and Revival

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Is the United States a Christian nation?

When Europeans first explored and colonized the North American continent, they brought generations of religious conflict and a rich array of Christianities with them. While a few elites may have expected a monolithic religion to emerge, Christianity has flowered in the United States, becoming far more complex than ever.

American Christianity Today gives readers a panoramic view of current American Christianity—its people, conflicts, differences, and common ground. The book explores topics such as Christians in politics (both red and blue); Evangelicalism, missions, and current attitudes about faith sharing; Christianity’s enduring presence in small rural areas and metropolitan cities; the ongoing importance of pilgrimage sites; Christian involvement in the entertainment industry; women and leadership; the rise of megachurches; and hot button topics like race, civil rights, immigration, abortion, and climate change. Daughrity also offers insight into the rise of the “nones,” who are leaving religious faith altogether. This is not a monograph; it’s an illustrated guidebook to promote conversation and understanding.

Dyron Daughrity (PhD, University of Calgary), Professor of Religion at Pepperdine University, has taught world religions for over two decades and is the author of More than One: An Introduction to World Religions. He is also the anthology editor for Bloomsbury’s Christianity in North America and The Essential Guide to Christianity.

“Dyron Daughrity is probably the most widely traveled and experienced teacher of religion in America today.”
—Joel Carpenter, Nagel Institute for the Study of World Christianity, Calvin University

“Both believers and irreligious people will want to be fellow pilgrims with Daughrity on the wise and serene pathway he clears for us.”
—Jesudas M. Athyal, Acquiring Editor, World Christianity, World Religions, South Asian and Indian Scholarship, Fortress Press

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Pages 304

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