• All Ages Becoming: Intergenerational Practice in the Formation of God's People

All Ages Becoming: Intergenerational Practice in the Formation of God's People

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We are in this together—all ages practicing, all ages becoming God’s people.

Often, intergenerational initiatives are seen as the next new church trend, or another programming tool for church growth and revitalization. Ultimately, though, intergenerational practice is at the core of what it means for us to be the body of Christ. God intends for all ages to participate in faith formation together; we are formed in our practice of intergenerationallity as we participate in the formation of becoming God’s people.

All Ages Becoming brings theologians, practitioners, and ministry leaders, representing diverse denominations, generations, cultures, and geographical locations, together to help us explore this adventure of intergenerational Christian practice. As you consider intergenerational practice in your own faith community, each chapter provides “Theology in Practice” sections with questions designed to help your community reflect, discuss, discover, experiment, reinvent, redesign, and continue in your community of practice.

Valerie M. Grissom, MDiv, DWS, is a certified pastor in the Northwest Coast Presbytery (PC- USA), near Seattle, Washington. She serves as the Vice Chair for Intergenerate. As a worship leader and pastor for over nineteen years, in a variety of denominations and ecumenical settings, Valerie is passionate about worship renewal in the Church. Valerie’s research, writing, speaking, coaching, and mentoring focus is on intergenerational and intercultural worship.

All Ages Becoming includes voices from around the world and across a wide range of Christian expressions to introduce important topics and support those of us who want to invite people of all ages to gather together to learn and worship. Each chapter also contains helpful questions to encourage us to move past programs and to focus on forming the faith of those with whom we work as we apply what we are reading to our own contexts and ministries.”

—Robert J. Keeley, PhD, Professor of Education, Emeritus, Calvin University, former visiting Professor of Faith Formation and Discipleship, Calvin Theological Seminary, and author

ISBN 9781684264018

Pages 256

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