• After Amen: What to Do When You're Waiting on God

After Amen: What to Do When You're Waiting on God

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By Rusty George

You’ve prayed about it. Now what?

Though none of us pray enough, we all pray some. There eventually comes a moment when we get desperate enough to cry out to God. We pour out our prayers, making confessions, promises, and deals, then we say “Amen.” And we wait. And wait. Sometimes the silence is deafening, and we question whether God hears us or not. We wonder if our prayers ever got past the ceiling, if he’s even there, or if he is waiting on us to do something. So what do we do while we wait for God to answer our prayers?

As a pastor with decades of experience, Rusty George offers a new way to help you connect with God and get answers while you wait. By exploring the ministry of Jesus, you will encounter a variety of people who come to him in need, but receive a mixed response; while some get an immediate answer, some have work to do, and some simply wait. As you read, discover the powerful steps of faith you can take after saying “Amen.”

RUSTY GEORGE is the lead pastor of Real Life Church Ministries in Valencia, California. For almost twenty years, Rusty has provided visionary leadership and teaching to his churches in the Santa Clarita Valley and Simi Valley, California. Rusty’s heart for those far from God drives his organizational leadership, weekly teaching, and conference speaking engagements. Rusty is a loyal Kansas City Chiefs and Royals fan and lives in Santa Clarita with his wife, Lorrie, and their two daughters.

“The journey from offered prayer to answered prayer is not always an easy one. The trail is fraught with shadows and fears. We need help to keep moving in the right direction. Rusty George offers it. His engaging style will warm your heart. His careful interpretation of Scripture will lift your faith. This book will help you navigate the path. Read it, and take heart. God has heard your prayers.” Max Lucado, best-selling author of Anxious for Nothing and Before Amen


“A needed insight into the questions so many of us have: Does God really hear my prayers? And if so, why does it feel like nothing is happening? Rusty’s wisdom is so needed for the church today. After Amen provides important next steps for us while we wait on God’s answer.” - Mark Batterson, New York Times best-selling author of The Circle Maker, and lead pastor of National Community Church


“Whether you’re a Jesus follower or you just watch from a distance, Rusty tackles questions so many of us have: Does God really hear my prayers? And, if so, why does it feel like nothing is happening? Rusty’s insights are timely and so needed today.” - Andy Stanley, pastor at North Point Community Church, best-selling author, and founder of North Point Ministries


“‘You should pray about it,’ the advice comes. But then what? Praying doesn’t take that long. And it seems too simple. What comes next? Waiting. In After Amen, my friend Rusty George teaches us how to wait courageously with humility, hope, and so much more. Wait no longer - read this book.” - Kyle Idleman, senior pastor at Southeast Christian Church, and author of Not a Fan and Don’t Give Up


“Rusty’s latest book is a beautiful encouragement for when we wonder if heaven is hearing our voices.” - Bob Goff, New York Times best-selling author of Love Does and Everybody Always


“Rusty is a great writer and captures so perfectly the tension many of us feel in our prayer lives. He wrestles with common questions and doubts about prayer, then walks you through what it looks like to live out a dynamic, thriving relationship with God through prayer.” - Carey Nieuwhof, best-selling author of Didn’t See It Coming, and founding pastor of Connexus Church


“A raw and relatable book that the church today so desperately needs. Rusty’s prayers and insights are rooted in both honesty and a deep knowledge of the character of God. Read this, and you will find your prayer life blessed and transformed like never before.” - Randy Frazee, pastor, and author of What Happens after You Die


“Uncertain seasons are hardly ever enjoyable, but they don’t have to be unbearable. As Rusty reminds us in After Amen, intentional prayer can guide us through the toughest of circumstances . . . and we might even learn some lessons along the way and be stronger for it.” - Caleb Kaltenbach, Director of The Messy Grace Group, and author of Messy Grace and God of Tomorrow


“If you’ve ever had questions about prayer, this book is a must-read. Through his personal stories and deep insight, Rusty George will give you a fresh perspective not only on what it means to pray but also what it means to proactively wait after you say amen.” - Kristina Kuzmic, author of Hold On, but Don’t Hold Still


“A raw, relatable, and relevant book that leaders today so desperately need.” - Brad Lomenick, founder of BLINC and author of H3 Leadership and The Catalyst Leader 


“Such a great book for all of us that have asked the questions: Where is God? Does prayer work? Why isn’t God answering? After Amen is helpful, honest, relatable, and hopeful! If you are wondering about God, waiting on God, frustrated with God—read this book!” - Jodi Hickerson, Mission Church 


“Rusty George has delivered a true blessing for us all with After Amen, a book with biblical principles, humor, practical applications, and a real guide that can help us all pray to God and wait patiently in a way we never thought was possible. God is speaking through Rusty in this wonderful book.” - Dan Angel, Producer of the award-winning films Gifted Hands and Door to Door


After Amen is not a good book. It is a great conversation. Prayer is the only thing Jesus’s followers ever asked him to teach them . . . and he did! You, too, can learn to pray, and this book will coach you how. Reading After Amen is like sitting across the coffee table from Rusty as he unpacks his own path to prayer. He will vulnerably lead you to prayer proficiency.” - Mark E. Moore, author of Core52


“Rusty’s books have all been informative, inspirational, and life-changing. After Amen is another great addition and a must-read for anyone who finds themselves wondering if God hears their prayers!” - Kevan Miller, professional hockey player with the Boston Bruins


“A sacred space exists after the second syllable of “amen.” A space filled with silence. A space filled with anxiety. A space filled with insecurities, anger, agitation, and spiritual growth. In After Amen, Rusty George pastorally presses into this sacred space, offering practical wisdom and scriptural supervision. Instead of scouring the sacred space after amen alone, I encourage you to allow Rusty to be your guide through this timely book.” - Shane J. Wood, Professor of New Testament Studies at Ozark Christian College, and author of Between Two Trees


“Rusty helps us navigate the awkward seasons of silence when we’ve stopped talking, but God hasn’t started. With humor and the heart of a pastor, Rusty breaks these seasons into bite-sized chunks that help provide the breakthrough we all seek.” - Lane Jones, North Point Ministries


“Another book where Rusty communicates his message with insight, humor, and most importantly - heart! As a Christian who struggles with many aspects of prayer, reading After Amen was a much-needed dose of novel clarity and encouragement on what can be a very obtuse subject.” - Chris Dowling, Director of Run the Race and Where Hope Grows


“Rusty George is hilarious, real, and wise. If you’ve ever had a prayer not answered and wondered why, this is the book you’ve been waiting for!” - Vince Antonucci, pastor of Verve Church and author of Restore


“Rusty has a unique way of communicating God’s truth that will have you laughing one minute and convicted the next. By the time you put this book down, your view of prayer will be transformed as well as your prayer life.” - Shane Philip, senior pastor of The Crossing Church


“I have questions about prayer, don’t you? What happens after ‘Amen’? Do our requests even get heard? Do they seem trivial to a very busy God? Can you use up all your data or are there unlimited minutes? Rusty wades into these very real questions with honesty, clarity, humor, and fresh insight. I found it super helpful, and you will too!” - Mike Breaux, pastor, Ventura, California


“If you’re like me and you “should” yourself for not praying enough yet struggle because it feels too passive, fake, or awkward when nothing seems to happen—you’ll enjoy this book! It’s an honest, fun, and helpful guide that will connect you to a healthier prayer life.” - Ben Snyder, pastor of Cedar Creek, Toledo, Ohio


“A raw and relatable book that the church today so desperately needs. Rusty’s prayers and insights are rooted in both honesty and a deep knowledge of the character of God. Read this, and you will find your prayer life blessed and transformed like never before.” - Gene Appel, senior pastor, Eastside Christian Church, Anaheim, California 


“When I was in seminary, I wanted to “figure prayer out.” So, I read several books by people with letters after their names. I sure wish I had read Rusty’s book back then. I got a lot more out of it, and it was much funnier than the others!” - Todd Elliot, lead pastor of Beach Church


“I have read all of Rusty’s books, and I love them all, but this might be the best one. After Amen is engaging, thought-provoking, and funny! You will be glad you read this book!” - Mark Weigt, lead pastor at The Ridge Community Church


“If you’ve ever wondered why God seems to answer some prayers and not others, and what you’re supposed to do when your prayers are the ones he’s not answering, this book is for you. With transparency, wit, and genuine biblical insight, Rusty George tackles this most powerful aspect of our walk with Jesus.” - Larry Osborne, pastor of North Coast Church, and author of Thriving in Babylon


“I had the privilege of reading After Amen during the height of the coronavirus pandemic. I (and probably you too) said a lot of prayers during that time which seemingly went unanswered. After Amen not only instructed me in the fundamentals of prayer during that difficult season; its principles guided me. If you are going through troubling times and wondering where God is or whether he even cares, After Amen is a resource you can’t do without.” - Brian Dodd, author, blogger, and Injoy Stewardship Ministry director


“Rusty is wise, hilarious, and honest. I am grateful for this teaching out of the trenches of real life. You’ll find yourself laughing out loud and transformed from the inside out.” - Dave Dummitt, lead pastor at Willow Creek Community Church


“Rusty answers the questions you’ve been asking about prayer as well as many others you wish you’d asked! Settle in and enjoy!” - Jan Johnson, author of When the Soul Listens and Meeting God in Scripture


“Prayer is never urgent, but I’ve seen the power and importance of it because of Rusty George. All of us need a guide in life, and Rusty is one worth following. This book will change your mindset and give you new perspective on connecting with God.” - Clay Scroggins, lead pastor at Buckhead Church


“Rusty has, once again, written a relevant and timely book that gives helpful direction on how to deal with an age-old struggle. His mix of humor, insight, and experience guides any reader through the often-confusing waters of prayers offered to an invisible God.” - Rob McDowell, lead pastor at North Metro Church

ISBN 9781684260812

Pages 176

Dimensions (inches) 5.5 x 8.25

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