• Abilene History in Plain Sight

Abilene History in Plain Sight

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by Jay Moore

Abilene History in Plain Sight is a guide to the people, places, and events that define Abilene. It provides the high vantage point from which you come to know the lives behind the names—Cooper High School, Shotwell Stadium, and Maxwell Golf Course—and to meet those who are honored by the naming of a park or street (such as Egbert Kirby, Nelson Wilson, Vera Minter, and Walker Ely).

In this engaging book, the past is picked up, dusted off, and given a new shine. As you learn the story behind the church, school, or college that you drive past, it will create a connection that serves to endear Abilene to you more deeply.

This is a book that brings the relics of the past out of the dark and straight into the hometown in your heart.

Jay Moore is a native Abilenian and teaches history at Abilene High School. He is the creator of a documentary film series highlighting Abilene History in Plain Sight. Film titles include, Who Is That Street, Fair Park of Abilene, Wooten: An Abilene Life, Camp Barkeley, The Bankhead Highway, and Abilene Beginnings. In 2013, he was selected as an Outstanding Teacher of the Humanities for the State of Texas and as the Texas VFW Secondary Teacher of the Year for 2014. Jay and his family live in the finest city in Texas.

ISBN: 9781684260232

Pages: 304

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