• Identity Matters: Discovering Who You Are in Christ

Identity Matters: Discovering Who You Are in Christ

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by Terry Wardle

Experience the unshakeable certainty of your inheritance in Christ and the wonder of being a child of God.

Our understanding of our identity matters. It is the foundation of well-being, self-esteem, and self worth, which directly influences our quest for purpose and significance in life. Unfortunately, we live in a society that insists on performance and people-pleasing as the only acceptable pathways to security and acceptance. Many Christians are wearing themselves out on this treadmill of self-promotion and achievement, unaware that they are ultimately building their lives on shifting sand.

True Christian identity rests upon the rock solid promise that we are the children of God. Discovering who we are in Christ unlocks an inheritance that is eternal, secure, and overflowing with transforming grace that changes our lives at the deepest level, unleashing amazing possibilities for life and ministry. God’s promise brings the unshakable certainty that at the core of our lives, we are forever hidden in Christ.

Terry Wardle is a retired Professor of Practical Theology at Ashland Theological Seminary and is President of Healing Care Ministries. Terry has authored numerous books with Leafwood Publishers, including Every Breath We Take (2014), Untamed Christian, Unleashed Church: The Extravagance of the Holy Spirit in Life and Ministry (2010), and Strong Winds, Crashing Waves: Meeting Jesus in the Memories of Traumatic Events (2008). He conducts frequent seminars on emotional healing and leadership renewal for counselors, pastors, therapists, and other Christian caregivers. He is also the podcaster of Slingstones. He and his wife, Cheryl, have three adult children and five grandchildren.

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