• The Transforming Word Series Volume 2: Stories and Songs: From Joshua to Song of Songs

The Transforming Word Series Volume 2: Stories and Songs: From Joshua to Song of Songs

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Prayer, Story, Wisdom, and History. These are essential building blocks of the people of God.

The nation of Israel tells its story of the rise of kings, not once but twice (Joshua-2 Kings, 1-2 Chronicles), and during this period they wrote Psalms and gathered together their wise sayings. Then, plunged into the darkness of exile, they had to discover again who God was and what kind of life he called them to live. In the same way, Christians read these texts today for what they share about a promised Messiah and how they explain what life with God looks like in all its complexity. 

Based on the best of recent scholarship, the Transforming Word series is designed for the reader who wants to go deeper and is looking for an up-to-date, go-to resource as they read and study.

Mark W. Hamilton (PhD, Harvard University) holds the Onstead Chair in the College of Biblical Studies at Abilene Christian University, where he serves as professor of Old Testament. His other books include Jesus King of Strangers and Slavery's Long Shadow: Race and Reconciliation in American Christianity.

“Critically informed but written for popular use, the Transforming Word demonstrates steady scholarship in service of the church. Leaders in every congregation, especially Bible teachers and small group leaders, will want it within easy reach in the Bible study aids section of their bookshelf.”

—William R. Baker, Editor of the Stone-Campbell Journal; Professor of New Testament, Hope International University

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Pages 288 

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